Board of Governors
   2021 Board of Governors     
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   League Officers - League Officers make up the Executive Committee
   President Jonathan Alford Mercerwood Shore Club
   Vice President Marc Allan Kingsgate Royals
   Secretary Tom Wagner Maple Hills
   Treasurer Cathy Schwartz Kingsgate Gators
   Board Members  - Board Members + League Officers constitutes the Board of Governors
   Past President n/a  
   Awards & Records Sarah Duran Snoqualmie Ridge
   Officials Administrator Paul Farag Fairwood
   Coaches Rep - Div 1&2 Laura Halter Edgebrook
   Coaches Rep - Div 3, 4, 5 Carrie Nordberg Woodridge
   Water Polo Rep Mindy Westerman Norwood
   Diving Co-Chair Pauline Fox Phantom Lake
   Diving Co-Chair Kathy McDonald Seattle Tennis Club
   Division I Rep Gary Kamikawa High Woodlands
   Division II Rep Tanya Mertel Seattle Tennis Club
   Division III Rep Scott Robertson Somerset
   Division IV Rep Elizabeth Malshuk Newport Yacht Club
   Division V Rep Meg Mylan Tam O'Shanter
   Ad hoc Board Members Non-voting members  
   Merchandise Coordinator Open  
   League Support    League Support/non-voting  
    Bookkeeper   Nancy Anderson  
    Communication Director        [email protected]