League Champ Info

Event list for League Champs:  The .HYV file is available by contacting the Communication Director

2019 BDQ Reporting Procedures and Instructions for Entering the Midlakes Championship Meet are included in the Team Manager Training Outline

  • BDQ times report is due to Jeff Lowell on Friday, July 13th.  This information will verify B-Disqualification times for your swimmers.  The merged times report will be emailed to the League Communication Director to post on the website Saturday July 14th.  Please contact Jeff Lowell if you have any questions.
  • Championship Meet entries are due via email to Jeff Lowell on Friday July 19th by 1:00 pm. Send all files to [email protected]



The 2019 B DQ times list is a tool to help coaches and athletes make decisions regarding championship meet entries. Please remember that the league compiles the information as it is submitted from the clubs - and does not make corrections to information as it comes in for compilation. As was emphasized in the preseason training, it is essential for clubs to continually monitor their athlete data and correct errors during the season to ensure accuracy. 

In reviewing the information please remember that it does not have anything to do with eligibility for swimming at League Championships. The list is for informational purposes only.


Champ Meet Regulations  - This is Section G of the League Operating Plan outlining entry regulations for Championship meets.

Division Champ Regulations - This is Section H of the League Operating Plan outlining entry regulations for the Divisional Championship meets.

2019 BDQ Times - Note: Times have not changed since 2012

  • This is a hard copy of the 'B' Disqualification times that are imported into both the Meet Manager and Team Manager programs.  (The import file will be provided to all who attend training.)  Swimmers reaching these times in the stroke indicated no longer qualify to swim that event at a B-Meet.

***Check in with your Club parent rep to make sure that you are both covering all of the steps needed for the Division and League meets.  Be sure to take a look at the Champs documentation posted:  Division Champs - League Champs.***