League Champ Info

Event list for League Champs:  The .HYV file is available by contacting the Communication Director


2022 BDQ Reporting Procedures and Instructions for Entering the Midlakes Championship Meet are included in the Team Manager Training Outline

  • BDQ times report is due to Jeff Lowell on Friday, July 8th.  This information will verify B-Disqualification times for your swimmers.  The merged times report was sent out last week.  Please contact Jeff Lowell if you have any questions.
  • Championship Meet entries are due via email to Jeff Lowell on Friday July 15th by 1:00 pm. Send all files to [email protected]


Champ Meet Regulations  - This is Section G of the League Operating Plan outlining entry regulations for Championship meets.

Division Champ Regulations - This is Section H of the League Operating Plan outlining entry regulations for the Divisional Championship meets.

2022 A-Qualification Times - Updated 6/29/22

  • Swimmers who achieve an A-Qualifying time during a particular event are eligible to compete at League Champs' timed finals in that respective event.  Swimmers who achieve A-Qualifying times are also no longer able to swim that event during a B-Meet.

***Check in with your Club parent rep to make sure that you are both covering all of the steps needed for the Division and League meets.  Be sure to take a look at the Champs documentation posted:  Division Champs - League Champs.***