Board History

History of Midlakes Board Members

List of Board Members by year

Midlakes has relied upon the volunteers of many committed and resourceful individuals from throughout the League to make this organization the success it is today.  We cannot thank you all enough and we hope the continued success of the League and the accomplishments of our swimmers, not only in the sport but also the life skills developed, has paid you in fulfillment for your time, energy and dedication.

We would like to express a special Thank You to those who have served for multiple seasons:

15 + Years of Service
Penny Yantis (NHST)
Cindy McGee (KGR)
10 + Years of Service
Ann Rhodes (MSC)
Nancy Anderson (NYC)
Jeff Lowell (SAM)

5 or More Years of Service

Candis Brink (KGM)
Cathy Humphries
Laura Halter (EB)
Cynthia Petrie
Dick Driscoll
Eric Bartleson (NHST)
Frank Benzinger
Gretchen Shepherd (KGG)
Jay Vanderpol (TOS)
Jeff Lowell (SAM)
Joan Wold (MSC)
Michelle Lemke (RHST)
Patrick Gill
Paul Picardo (MIBC)
Sharon Simas (PL)
Susan Freeberg (SS)
Rebecca Thornton (NW)
3 or More Years of Service
Andrea Schreck (MICC)
Carol Hall (NHST)
Carole Anne Yamamoto (TOS)
Carolyn Bone
Catherine Allan (OL)
Charlene Steinhauer (MIBC)
Connie Flaten (PLAT)
Debby Fry Wilson (EB)
Hal Williams (SS)
Jane Hodge
Jim Rivers (RHST)
Kay Nichols
Kim Watkins (SW)
Larry Royce (KGR)
Jonathan Alford  (MSC)
Lisa Peters (KL)
Mario DiPasquale (FW)
Pauline Godfrey
Pete MacKintosh (OL)
Ron Griffin (EB)
Sandy Leonard (STC)
Scott Allen (EB)
Sean Callahan (SAM)
Steve Crowley
Susan Key
Tom Benson (SAM)
Tom Woods (NHST)
Victoria Bogachus