2011 Update #1

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Officials Training And Coaches Orientation

The "Official Perspective"
Midlakes Finals Schedule

Officials Training And Coaches Orientation

Thanks to all of you who attended Officials Training.  All clubs were represented - and we had a good mix of new and returning officials.  If you missed out, please be sure to check in with your club's officials' representative or the Midlakes website for updates for this year.  And if you have any questions about officiating in Midlakes, please be sure to let me know.  Shirts for those who attended are on their way - once delivered to your club, I'll let you know.  At the Coaches orientation meetings, all Midlakes club coaches were provided with their share of DQ forms and a Mini-Rule book.  If you did not get them, please contact your coach - or let me know and we can track them down.  As a reminder, there were no major rule changes for this year and there was only clarification regarding the interpretation of the breaststroke pull initiation being required before any butterfly kick can take place (after the start and turn)

The "Officials Perspective"

I recently met with a group of brand new officials - and was reminded that our perspectives are different based on our experience.  New officials (who might be a little overwhelmed with the work) are looking to do a good job, make things fair, and try to remember all the rules - while those of us "seasoned" officials are surprisingly looking for the same thing.  So regardless of your experience level, don't be afraid to ask for help, ask questions (anticipating that you'll have an official's meeting at any meet you work), and if, as an experienced official, you can assist in training or even filling out a DQ slip or two, please help each other out!  All of us have something to learn - there are new situations that present themselves and provide new learning opportunities.  And if you have any that you'd like to share, please let me know - I'll be happy to share in a future update.

Midlakes Finals Schedule

A-Champs will be conducted with prelims starting the week of July 18th (afternoons Monday through Wednesday) and finals at KCAC in Federal Way on Saturday.  USA Swimming Certified Officials have been contacted regarding their participation (If you are a USA Swimming Official and did not get a separate email, please let me know).

Junior Girls Prelims - Monday July 18th - Hosted by Newport Hills

Junior Boys Prelims - Tuesday July 19th - Hosted by Fairwood

Senior Prelims - Wednesday July 20th - Hosted by Mercer Island Beach Club

Finals - Saturday July 23th - Hosted by Edgebrook/Triangle/Kingsgate Gators

As a reminder, please be sure to help with your Division Champs (also referred to as B-Champs) - the host clubs need officials as well and any official (USA Swimming or otherwise) can help out.


Q1 :In a medley relay there are only 2 entries and both were from the same club, seeded in lanes 2 and 3 respectively.  Lane 3 entry is missing their freestyle swimmer.  During the event, person(s) behind the blocks urge the backstroke swimmer from lane 2, having completed his portion of the relay, to help his teammates in lane 3 by swimming their freestyle leg.  Is this legal?
A1: Two rules apply in this situation - 101.7.3.A and 102.3.7 - which only allow a swimmer to participate in one leg of any relay event.  The relay team with less than 4 swimmers would be DQ'd. The advice given to the swimmer by the people behind the block is unfortunate and should be discussed by the coach with their swimmers.

Q2: In Backstroke, I know that swimmer's toes cannot curl over the gutter.  But can the swimmer's feet be above the water?
A2: It depends - the only requirement is that the toes cannot curl over the gutter after the start.  The starter is responsible for having starts with swimmer's toes not curled over the gutter.  There is no call related to the water level and the feet.

Q3: For an "in the water relay start", if a swimmer is waiting in the water, do they have to be touching with their hand or can they be touching with any part of their body, like their back?
A3: The swimmer must be touching with their hand at the time of the exchange in order to be legal.  This is per the Midlakes Swim Plan Rules (which is different than USA Swimming Rules).  So only at the time of the exchange does the hand need to be on the wall - in case the swimmer needs to change position in preparation for the exchange.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  If you know of others that would like this information, please let me know - and if you are no longer interested in receiving these, let me know and I'll remove you from the distribution list.


Scott Allen
Officials Chair
Midlakes Swim League