What To Expect


What to Expect at an HTST Swim Meet


·       Check in time is early, about 6:30 see specific meet information for exact times (see below to understand why it is so early).

·      Meets usually end between 12:00 and 2:00 depending on the number of swimmers (6 & Under events end earlier).

·      When swimmers check in they will be given a sticky label with their event numbers, events are swam in order, from 1 to 80.

o   The parents usually keep the sticky

o   Swimmers can have their event numbers written on their hand/arm with sharpie if so desired

·      Swimmers enjoy having coaches, parents, or other swimmers write and draw on their arms, legs, and backs with sharpies, it comes off in a day or 2 (you can also use rubbing alcohol to get it off sooner).


o   Eat My Bubbles!

o   I “heart” Coach ______

o   Go Tide

o   Pictures of fish, …

o   Some parents bring colored sharpies

o   This is one of the highlights of the meet

·     Several event numbers will be called to the Ready Area at a time

o   The Ready Area is where volunteers organize the swimmers by event, heat, lane

o   The swimmers will be lined up based on their placement in the event on the "heat sheet"

o   Make sure you child

§  Has their goggles

§  Has their swim cap (if they have long hair)

§  Knows what stroke they are swimming

§  Is on time to the ready area – it takes a lot to organize and run a meet with hundreds of kids

o   Events will be called to the Ready Area over a PA and by signs placed around the pool area.

·     What to bring:

o   E-Z Up shade tent (Saturday mornings “tent cities” spring up around area pools everywhere)

o   Tarp to place on the ground under the tent (grass is often wet in the mornings)

o   Blankets for kids to lay on

o   Chairs

o   Games, books, activities for the kids

o   Drinks (water, Gatorade, …) – concessions may or may not be available

o   Food – concessions may or may not be available

o   Towels

o   Extra goggles

o   Extra swim caps

o   Camera

o   Sun block

o   Sense of Humor

·     Be sure to check out with a coach before leaving the meet, your swimmer may be needed to fill a relay spot.

·     The meet cumulates with the exciting 4x100 Free relays. It’s fun to stay and cheer on your team.

Meet check in starts early for several reasons:

·         Time required to check in all swimmers

·         Both teams need to warm up

·         Clerks need time to process scratches and re-organize the meet

·         Prime the ready area and find/organize swimmers for the first set of relays

·         The meet starts at 8am, immediately following the National Anthem