Meet Declaration

Swimming in Meets – “Declarations” and Meet Event Sign-up

It is your responsibility to let the coaches know if your swimmer is available to swim in a meet. We do, however, use a different process for Saturday morning meets and Wednesday evening meets.

Saturday morning A meets.  The coaches choose swimmers events for Saturday morning meets based on top times. Your responsibility is to “undeclare” your swimmer from a Saturday morning meet if you know that they are NOT available to swim due to a prior commitment. This must be done NO LATER than Tuesday night before a Saturday morning meet.

Wednesday evening B meets.  Swimmers choose their own events for a Wednesday evening meet based on the “rules” for events in a “swimming week” (see below). You first indicate that you will attend the meet.  After that, you can choose the events your swimmer will swim.  This must be done by 7pm Monday before a Wednesday evening meet.

How To Indicate that your Swimmer Will or Will Not Attend a Meet

You MUST be signed into your account to indicate swimmer attendance at a meet.

How do I indicate whether my swimmer will attend?

  • After signing into your account, click on the Edit Commitment button under the meet your swimmer cannot attend. 
  • Click on your swimmers name for the meet. 
  • You will then see a line called Declaration.
  • Depending on your swimmer’s status for that meet, select either:

-  "yes, please sign (swimmer's name) up for this event”.

-  "no thanks (swimmer's name) will NOT attend this meet”.

  • Click on Save Changes.
  • Please do this for each meet as the season progresses.

How do I sign my swimmer up for events at a Wednesday evening meet?

  •  After you indicate “yes, please sign (swimmer’s name) up for this event”, a list of events is displayed below.
  • Click the box to the LEFT of the event your swimmer wants to swim.  Please see “rules” for a “swimming week” below
  • Click on Save Changes.

Please use this link below to go to the meets page to indicate your swimmer’s attendance at meets.

Meet Declaration

If you know your schedule now, please sign in to your account and uncommit your swimmers from any meets they can't attend including both A and B meets.  Please DO NOT assume that your swimmer will not be swimming in an A meet.

If you have any problems and cannot sign in to uncommit, please send an e-mail to Coach Jessica ASAP to let her know.

Rules for Swimming Events in a “Swim Week”

A swimmer can only swim 3 individual events and the Individual Medley in a swimming week (the Saturday morning A meet and the Wednesday evening B meet combined).

For example, if Helen Hurricane swam freestyle in Saturday's meet, then she can swim 2 of backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly in the Wednesday meet. If Helen is 9 or over, she can also swim IM on Wednesday.

Some of our new swimmers may not be able to swim some strokes yet. If you sign your swimmer up for a stroke that the coaches feel they are not ready to swim at a meet, they may be removed. If you have any questions about what events your swimmer is ready to swim, please talk to the coaches.