Clinics and Lessons

Clinics and Private Lessons


What kinds of clinics are available and when are they held?

Clinics are offered as an opportunity for swimmers to focus on a specific skill or two.  They range in content from stroke technique to starts, turns, and finishes.  They are generally held on Saturdays during the pre-meet season and on Sundays during the meet season.  By their nature they are small group instruction and a great way for a child to fine tune a technique they have been working on at practice. 


Where are clinics and private lessons held?

Tidalwaves offers some clinics on Saturdays before the meet season starts at Redwood High School. See the Spring practice schedule under "Focused Instruction". Occasionally we may offer some at Marin Academy (1600 Mission Street, San Rafael), if so these will be publicized.


What is the cost of a clinic and of a private lesson?

Clinics are free.  Private lessons with Coach Marie are generally $50/lesson.  Lessons are 30 minutes.


How do I know if my child should attend a clinic?  Will coaches advise?

A clinic schedule will be publicized at the beginning of the season and be available on the website.  Coach Marie will publicize the upcoming clinics to the kids at practice during the week.  If your child expresses interest, or you see on the schedule one that you think your child would benefit from, sign him or her up!  If you are unsure whether your child will benefit or not, by all means send an e-mail to coach Marie at, or call her at 453-9563, she would be happy to discuss your child with you.


How do I schedule a clinic or a private lesson?

Send an e-mail to Coach Marie at or call her at 453-9563.


Are clinics and private lessons encouraged?

No matter what subject is being taught one on one attention provides the greatest opportunity for connection, understanding and improvement.  Throughout the league, all MSL teams offer and encourage private lessons for their swimmers.  That being said, however, they are certainly not required and you should take into consideration your child’s interest and enthusiasm in deciding if your child will benefit.