Apparel and Gear

Apparel and Gear


Is it required for my child to wear a swim cap and goggles?  What if my child refuses to wear them?

Children with long(er) hair should wear swim caps, however, if they don’t want to, you can’t make some point in their training and racing they will realize it is easier (and faster) to swim with the cap.   Tidalwaves sells team caps that you can have your child’s last name put on to help you identify them during their race (they do all kind of look alike when they are wet!).  The team would like all swimmers who wear caps during a meet to wear a Tidalwaves' swim cap.  It helps all children feel like they are part of the team if they are wearing their team logo when they compete.

NEW this YEAR:   You CAN place your order for custom caps ONLINE.  Online cap orders must be placed by March 23rd, 2018.  Caps will be available for pick up at Pizza/Cheer Night, April 27th.

Coach Marie highly recommends that all swimmers practice and race with goggles.  However, for the ones that don’t want to, she is very good at persuading, so if your child doesn’t want to, let Marie work with him or her.  Also, it is always a good idea to keep a back-up pair in your car.


Do I need to purchase a Tidalwaves swim suit or can I just use any swim suit? 

Any suit is acceptable for practice (one piece highly recommended), but team suits are both beneficial for the swimmer at meets, because of their make, and because they help the swimmers feel like they are part of the team.  We recommend purchasing a team suit. 

If I want to purchase a Tidalwaves swim suit, how do I do that?

Team suits can be ordered during one of the early weeks of the season.  T & B Sports comes to Redwood on two nights usually the second week of practice, to take team suit orders.  If you cannot place your order at the swimming pool on one of these nights you can place your order directly with T&B Sports on 4th Street in San Rafael, or online.  Click here to place your order between Now and March 16th, 2018.  Any items ordered during this time frame will be available for pick up at Pizza/Cheer night, April 27th.  Any items not picked up at Pizza/Cheer will be available at Time Trials, April 28th.  Can't make it those 2 days?  Ask a friend to pick up for you. You can also order Tidalwaves Parkas and Tidalwaves sweat pants and hoodies via this link.

Are fins required for practices?

Fins are now required for all Tidalwaves swimmers.  Please see this flier for the type and where to buy them.  That said, Tidalwaves does have a number of donated fins that can be borrowed for the season if needed.  Please just ask at the start of the season.