Parent Guidelines


During the first two days of practice, if they so desire, parents are welcome to observe practice from the chairs around the edge of the pool deck.  After the first two days, the coaches kindly ask that parents drop their children at practice ready to swim, caps and goggles on, but that they don't remain on deck.  The pool deck tends to get crowded and the coaches need to focus on the swimmers in the water in order to offer your children the best summer swim experience. Young children, in particular, tend to be easily distracted by their parents on deck.  If your child has a hard time separating or for other reasons may need extra reassurance or care, please speak with the coaches and they will work with you to make every effort to help your child feel comfortable at practice.  If at any time you would like an update on your child's progress, feel free to ask the coaches before or after practice. You may also contact them via email.  Their email address are listed on the website.

Parents, please use these general guidelines to help your swimmer have their best season possible. 

  • Ensure swimmers arrive on time and in proper attire for meets and practices.

  • Ensure swimmers are dressed appropriately for weather conditions. Depending on the weather, we could swim in the rain and cold.  

  • Focus on your child’s effort and development rather than on winning or losing.

  • Support your team in a positive manner.

  • Introduce yourself to the coaches.  Please remember to thank him/her each season.

  • Notify your swimmer’s coach of any special needs prior to the first practice.

  • Please have your swimmers eat snacks in the concession/team area and not in the pool 

  • Remember that swim team practice is NOT meant to be a swim lesson.  If your swimmer needs extra help with any stroke, you need to sign them up for group and/or individual swim lessons.

  • Use sportsmanlike conduct on and around the pool, whether home or away.  Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in a warning given by the Naperville Swim Conference representatives.  Parents can be asked to leave the area.

  • If a problem develops between a swimmer or parent and a coach, first discuss the problem with the coach