Team Policy

Volunteer Policy

When you sign your athlete up for swimming, you also sign yourself up to volunteer. It takes at least 40 parent volunteers to run a meet. As in other sports, all families are expected to provide volunteer support throughout the season regardless of program affiliation.  Families will be asked to volunteer for at least 4 swim team events per swimmer participating in South Riding Stingray programs.  Please contact the team representatives for participation.

Refund Policy

Refunds for swimmer registration fees may be requested through June 1st, 2021 for our ODSL and CSL programs, or through the first week of the Mini-Ray program. All refunds are subject to a $15 per swimmer processing fee.

Attendance Policy

Swimmers in the CSL program, must participate in a minimum of 3 practices within a given week to be eligible to swim in that Saturday's Meet. Failure to do so may result in not being selected to swim in that Saturday meet. Final decision on Saturday Meet selection rests with the Head Coach. Swimmers currently participating in a year round swimming program may have a modified attendance policy by special arrangement with the Head Coach. Swimmers in the Mini-Ray program or the Stingray ODSL program do not have an attendance policy. In all cases the coaches want to be notified if a swimmer will be absent from practice and/or meets.

Swimmer of the Week

Swimmer of the week selection is done at the sole discretion of the coaching staff. Swimmer of the week is meant to be a fun encouragement for swimmers, it is not intended to be a competitive award. Coaches may feel a swimmer deserves it more for a single act of effort that stood out in their mind vs a swimmer who took first place in all their events that week.

Electronic Games

While the use of electronic games is discouraged for swimmers at all Stingray functions, the ODSL program no longer allows electronic games at meets.

Relay Selection

Selection for relays is at the sole discretion of the coaching staff. Our CSL program selects swimmers based on fastest times. Our ODSL program coaches may take in to account factors including competitive needs, swimmer growth and development as well as many others in making their selections. Relay teams are subject to change throughout the season.

Inclement Weather Policy

The policy during inclement weather is practice & meets will be conducted in the rain. If there is lighting and/or thunder the pool is closed for 45 minutes. In that case a decision is made at the pool if we are going to wait out the storm or cancel the event.
What this means...

During Saturday morning meets the problem is usually steady rain forecast for the morning as opposed to Thunderstorms. Under this situation if it's off and on rain and/or light drizzle we usually conduct the meet. If the rain is heavy we will cancel the event.
During Wednesday night meets, the problems usually involve Thunderstorms. Under this situation the pool is closed for 45 minutes from the last report of lightening/thunder. These afternoon storms usually pass and we do resume the meet.
During practice, we will conduct dry land training (running, ball games, fun games as appropriate.) Unless there is obvious Thunderstorm Activity please report to the pool to determine if practice is a go.
In all cases the decision to practice or conduct a meet is determined at the pool. If the weather activity is clearly severe - all efforts will be made to "email" a cancellation notice as soon as possible and/or post a notice on the pool side entrance. We do try to conduct a meet if at all possible since make-up meets are usually difficult to accomplish. But in all cases COMMON SENSE is the theme.

Other Information

Please note the following:

(1) the South Riding Stingrays does not provide childcare, and

(2) the South Riding Stingrays is a 501(C)(7)* non-profit organization and not a 501(C)(3).

* A 501(c)(7) organization is a social or recreational club that is organized for pleasure and recreation if a group (members) of people. Members must share interests and have a common goal directed toward pleasure and recreation, and the organization must provide opportunities for personal contact among members.