Guest Policy

Extended Stay Pass

A member may purchase an Extended Stay (House Guest) Pass at the pool office, by check only. It allows one individual who's a summer live-in house guest of that member to use the pool and tennis courts. You may request an extended pass for your summer babysitter by writing a letter to the Board of Trustees. See the fee schedule. Note: When member couples divorce, the club may allow issue of an Extended Stay Pass to the spouse who doesn't retain the membership. Contact the club president for details.

Guests and Guest Tickets

A Guest Ticket (same as Guest Pass) allows a member to bring a non-member into the club grounds to use either the pool or tennis courts. It's valid for one day with in-and-out privileges. Only members may purchase them. The host member must be present at GSSC during the guest's entire visit. We sell them either individually or in units of six at the pool office. Either cash or check is acceptable. See the fee schedule.