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GSSC offers two types of memberships for new members:

Equity Share Membership: Equity member certificate holders are entitled to full use of the Club facilities and programs.  In addition, certificate holders can be elected to the Board of Directors and have voting rights at all general membership meetings. 

  Seasonal (Provisional) Membership: Are only available to new members and are limited to a term not to exceed 2 years.  Provisional members are entitled to full use of the Club facilities and programs.  However, they are not eligible to serve on the Board or vote at any general membership meetings.  Provisional members will not have to pay any member approved assessments.

(Prices listed below include tax)


Dues Type

Standard dues with work party discount $75.87 maintenance fee 

Standard dues without Work party discout of $75.87 maintenance fee



Equity Share Membership (one time only)



Annual Dues (only apply to Equity Share Memberships)



Seasonal (Provisional) Membership



Registration Fee ieiesTr




For your convenience, GSSC offers 2 registration options: 

  1. Option 1: Fill out the  GSSC Membership Form and then MAIL it in with your $25.00 registration check to GSSC Membership: P.O. Box 818, Seahurst WA 98062     (Attn: Trena Perkins-Membership)***DO NOT PHYSICALLY DROP OFF YOUR APPLICATION TO THE ABOVE ADDRESS***
  2. Option 2: Register online.  By registering online, you'll help GSSC save the cost of copies/bulk mailing AND you will get access to your own private account that will enable you to maintain your own contact information, receive important club announcements via email, keep track of your billing, and more. ($5.00 administrative fee will be added to the $25.00 registration fee for online registration option)

Here is how online registration works:

  1. Account Holder Section (person responsible for paying dues): Enter your account contact information (emergency/insurance information optional but always a good idea!)
  2. Members Section: Enter account holder PLUS family members who will be using the club (If you plan to sign your children up for one of our teams-you must be sure to add their birthdays.)
  3. Payment Option: Select "Pay by Check."
  4.  Approval: Once your membership application and payment have been received and processed, you will be contacted by our GSSC Membership Chair to discuss your membership preference and associated dues. Although final approval must be granted from the Board of Trustees, you will immediately be given access and may start using the facility at that time.

If you have further inquiries regarding membership entitlements or you wish to schedule a facility tour and one free family visit, please contact our Membership Chair, Trena Perkins, at  You may also call the club (during the regular season) at 206-244-3640 and speak to a GSSC representative.

Please note:  As of June 2013 our membership is full.  Please contact Trena Perkins to be added to the waitlist.