Volunteering at Marine Hills

Swim & Tennis Club



All Members are encouraged to volunteer for the pool. Serving as a leader, planner, “worker-bee” or expert in repairs helps maintain not only the club, but also the bottom line. The financial viability of the MHSTC DEPENDS upon each person’s contribution of time over dollars. All members, therefore, are able to work off their required Annual Maintenance Fee and earn a refund. Maintenance fees are due on Opening Day unless work hours are completed prior to that date. The fees may, however, be refunded back if work hours are completed on or before the closing work party in September!

2018 Maintenance Fees by membership are as follows: $150 Fish & Tree, $75 Half Year, $75 Social. ALL First year Fish & Tree memberships enjoy a waived maintenance fee!

By the hour, each full family membership is required to work 10 hours, Half Year memberships are required to work 5 hours, and Social memberships are required to work 4 hours. Maintenance fees are waived for Emeritus memberships.

There are many opportunities to work off your fees/hours!

Service to the Board by a member in good standing results in a full credit of maintenance fees. Board Members must be sworn in and voted on, and the minimum term of service is 1 year.

Volunteering as a chairperson shall result in a ½ credit of annual maintenance fees. Chairpersons must be sworn in and voted on, and the minimum term of service is 1 year.

Volunteering at the facility’s work parties shall result in an hour‐by‐hour credit for work completed. Family members aged 12 and older can earn credits toward a maintenance fee refund! Volunteers must sign‐in in the log book provided in order to receive credit. There are a wide variety of tasks, including: lawn‐mowing, flower planting, pressure‐washing, office unpacking and cleaning, grill cleaning and repairs, seasonal pack‐in, and many more. Every effort will be made to post volunteer opportunities to the website with advance notice. Email pool manager or facility maintenance chairperson with questions.

Volunteering at events and activities shall result in an hour‐by hour credit for work completed.

Email activities coordinator at for opportunities.



All Swim Team Member Families are required to donate time equivalent to ½ of a home swim meet during each home meet of the season. There are many opportunities that will fit your style and situation. Please email swim team coordinator at to sign up for jobs and ask questions.


2018 Spring Work Party Information

Marine Hills normally has three or four work parties before the pool opens in the spring and one or two after the pool closes in the fall. Work parties will be held on Saturdays from 8am until noon unless otherwise posted.

If you are unable to attend a work party - never fear! Plenty of additional projects will be posted as they come up throughout the summer on the Events page. Please check back to this page or on the Events page for updates or check in the office for a list of tasks needing assistance.



The following are a few things you can do to help make sure the work parties run smoothly:

  • Sign in and out of all work parties - if you cannot find the sign in sheet find the person organizing the work party. This is the way refunds are calculated!
  • If you bring children to the work party - only sign them in if they are going to work for the full time stated.

The club maintenance (service) hours must be completed by opening day or the maintenance fee will be accessed. If maintenance hours are completed after the fee is paid the fee will be reimbursed back to you at the end of the season.

Maintenance hours are based on actual time improving the pool, if you volunteer for the swim team, water polo, or social events WE THANK YOU but these hours do not count as maintenance hours.

Reminder: Required Family Membership maintenance is 10 hours! Don't miss these opportunities to fulfill that requirement.

Thank you,
Maintenance Department



Heaters, toilets (1 replace), lockers and stall maintenance, pressure washing, Weeding & Cleaning

Pressure washing, Weeding & Cleaning, paint locker room

Pressure washing, paint locker room

Clean Office & Locker Rooms

Concrete crack repairs, Office Setup

Final Preparations - Finish Start-up List

** Pressure Washing is welcome 7 days per week!