Swimmer Behavior Guidelines


Successful swimmers. . .

  • ✓  Listen to their coaches

  • ✓  Work hard at practice

  • ✓  Attend as many practices as possible

  • ✓  Always want to improve

  • ✓  Think of the team first

  • ✓  Treat their teammates, coaches and opponents with respect

  • ✓  Ask questions

  • ✓  Cheer for their teammates at swim meets

  • ✓  Are motivated from within to work hard

  • ✓  Are open-minded to new ideas

  • ✓  Enjoy themselves in all aspects of life

    Tips from the Coaches

  •   Practice It is strongly recommended that swimmers attend at least one practice daily. Regular attendance is the key to improvement and overall success. It is mandatory that you attend a practice on Monday in order to participate in the next day’s swim meet. The coach prepares the line-up for the swim meet based on Monday’s attendance.

  •   Weekly meets Please try to attend every meet. We depend on all of our swimmers each week. It is preferable that you stay for the entire meet to support your team. If you must leave a swim meet early, please see the coach before you leave to determine if you are needed for a relay team. Remember, if you are unable to attend a meet, please let the coaches know  as soon as you can.

  •   Special meets Encourage all swimmers to represent our team at the TSA Champioship Meet in Cary. The meet provides a great opportunity to measure the progress of each swimmer on a larger scale over the season as well. It also gives swimmers a taste of what a professional level swim meet feels like and how it feels to compete on a higher level.

  •   Eating habits Monday night supper should be high in carbohydrates, such as meat and potatoes, spaghetti, macaroni and other pasta and wheat dishes. Tuesday evening supper should be light and healthy. Snacks eaten during the meet should be light, such as fruit, crackers, popsicles and juice. Juice or water is the drink of choice. Carbonated drinks are strongly discouraged.