B Team

“B” Team   

Open to all ages, this program will focus on advanced mogul skiing, aerial, free ride cross training and competition techniques.  This team will train with Park & Pipe at least one day a week if they choose too or will do mogul training if desired.  Additional training sessions are designed for children who want to spend more time on the snow and with more of an appetite for competition.  Focus will be on Southwest Freestyle Tour events and the Rocky Mountain Devo Championships.  For children over the age of thirteen, there will be an opportunity to participate at selected Rocky Mountain divisional events and USASA competitions.   Participation in the travel squad is required for athletes participating at away events. Tuition costs include one holiday camp.  Additional fees will include travel, lodging and lift tickets at away events and entry fees.  Holiday camp is free to “B” team members and cannot be deducted from tuition cost.  Chapman Hill training is included in the tuition fee.  Schedule will be all day Saturday, half day Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights at Chapman Hill.  Tuition does not include dry land/gymnastics training (see below).  Early December to mid- March
Tuition:  $1,000
Cost Breakdown:  40 sessions for 150 hours 
Estimated travel fees: $150 for three Southwest Tour and Rocky Devo events; USSA regional events are $100 for each event week end.
USSA License:  
Freestyle/Freeskiing Youth Competitor for ages 12 and under  
Cost: $80 includes Rocky Mountain Division Dues or
Freestyle/Freeskiing Competitor for ages 13 and over
Cost $210 includes Rocky Mountain Division Dues
USSA Rocky Event fees $40-$50 per day; Devo events: $20-$30 per day