Park & Pipe


Park & Pipe

The Park & Pipe program encompasses all of the terrain park disciplines including slopestyle and half-pipe.  An emphasis is placed on jumping and safety as athletes learn to use the terrain park. Focus will be on USASA competition.  Participation in the travel squad is required for athletes participating at away events. Tuition costs include one holiday camp.  Additional fees will include travel, lodging and lift tickets at away events/training and entry fees.  Holiday camp is free to Park & Pipe team members and cannot be deducted from tuition cost.  Chapman Hill training is included in the tuition fee.  Schedule will be Saturday and Sunday at Purgatory, Tuesday and Thursday nights at Chapman Hill.  Tuition does not include dry land training. December – April

Tuition:  $1200
Estimated Travel fees: $200 for 2 events, USASA Nationals TBD
USASA License: 
USSA Rocky Events $40-$50 per day USASA events $35 per day.