Team Policy


Registration is not complete without payment. In the event your payment is declined, please make an immediate alternate payment.  If an alternate payment is not made within 5 weekdays after the swimmer has joined the session, a $25 late fee will be added to the account and your swimmer will be kept out of the water.


Late fees will increase every week (7 days) to: 14 days - $50, 21 days $75, 28 days $100. Canyons will make every attempt to contact you via e-mail if there is a registration problem but the onus is on you to make sure your account is in order.


Swimmers who are late 3 times in a swim year will need to pay the remainder of the short or long course season if full.


Deactivated swimmers lose all club privileges and will be placed at the end of the wait list (if any) for readmission to the program. 



Canyons Aquatic Club will not offer refunds once payment has been processed. However, in extenuating situations, the board of directors will review WRITTEN requests on an individual basis. Refunds or prorations will be considered for extenuating circumstances only. Usually outside documentation (a Doctor’s note) is required.   The annual registration fee is non refundable.



Credit for Illness will only be considered once a swimmer is out for two weeks or more and a doctors note MUST be brought to the office at the time of the request.  We will hold a swimmers spot in his/her class for no longer than 4 weeks (this includes the first two weeks a swimmer is out).  At the end of 4 weeks if a swimmer is not able to come back, we will suspend the account.  Swimmers are allowed two credits maximum per swim year - September through August.



Prorations for late enrollment begin after the mid point of the session. Swimmers enrolling before the mid-point must pay full fees. Prorated fees are determined by the Canyons Office Staff and are not negotiable.



As a rule Canyons does not take checks for tuition payment, however  we do, on occasion accept checks for other payments.  Any check presented to Canyons Aquatic Club that is returned by the bank will incur a $25 service fee paid to Canyons Aquatic Club. Failure to pay the fee will lead to the removal of the swimmer(s) from the pool after three (3) weeks. If no swimmers are currently in the program, failure to pay will disallow registration. Two (2) bounced checks will require a money order, bank check or credit card payment (where possible) in the future.



Families of swimmers in Competitive Development, Age Group, Junior Olympic or Senior Groups who pay into the Family committment program, are required to meet a fundraising goal of $100.00 (Comp D, AG) $150.00 (JO, SR) per athlete during our annual Splash & Dash fundraiser. If this goal is not met, funds will be deducted from family committment fees prior to the annual refund.



A grievance is a circumstance that is thought to be unjust. It is grounds for complaint. Below is a procedure to follow if you feel a grievance has occurred.


Swimmers and parents should be sure to get all the facts.  Please discard any hearsay and stick to the facts as you know them. Direct your concerns verbally to the appropriate person(s). For example: if you have a concern with a coach, please approach that coach with your concerns.  Be sure to do so at the appropriate time (not during training or in the middle of a meet).  If no time avails itself, please make an appointment to meet with the coach or party.


If a grievance remains unresolved, then you can consider taking the next step.  In most cases that next step would be to talk with the Head Coach.  If your issue is with the Head Coach or a Board Member,  you can reach out to a member of the Board for advice and resolution.  If after meeting with the Head Coach and/or a Board member you are not satisfied, you may contact the entire Board of Directors with your grievance and request their intervention.


You will be instructed to write your issue up for presentation to the board.  If you plan to pursue the issue beyond this point, this will be a requirement.
When putting the issue in writing please give details of the steps you have taken and present the grievance to the President or Vice President (be sure to retain a copy) of the Board of Directors.


The parent(s)/guardian(s) of the swimmer and the swimmer have the right to be present when the grievance is presented to the Board. When appropriate, the parent(s)/guardian(s) of a swimmer may request to have their grievance heard without the person(s) at which the complaint is directed in the meeting room.


When necessary, the Board would present this problem to the person(s) at which the complaint was directed and listen to their statement (excluding the parent(s)/guardian(s), or swimmer if desired).  


The Board of Directors would then determine the resolution, and take action to resolve the grievance. This plan would be presented in written form.


The decision of the Board of Directors is final.



Canyons Aquatic Club is a not-for-profit organization managed and run by parent volunteers.  During swim meets, timing is a collective responsibility of all teams in attendance.  Therefore, timing is a mandatory team obligation when your swimmer(s) is participating at a swim meet.  All families are required to participate as a timer when our club has timing responsibilities. A web-based sign-up sheet will be posted and families notified prior to each meet.  Two days before the meet start, if your swimmer is entered to participate, a parent, guardian, or family member must be signed-up for a timing position.  If not, a timing slot will be assigned to that swimmer’s family and the family will be notified of the assignment by email.  If the responsible party is unable to fulfill that timing position for any reason, it is his/her responsibility to find a replacement.  If the position is goes unfilled – by either the responsible party or a replacement – the family will be fined $20 by the team. 



Swimmers who do not register with Canyons Aquatic club surrender all privileges that come with Canyons Aquatic Club membership including the right to attend practice and special events regardless of when they left the club.  The only exception would be swimmers who have graduated and are in college. Swimmers who take a break from the club are welcome to return at any time.  If returning after more than a year, a new swim assessment test will be required.  Swimmers (and their parents) who leave Canyons and join another Southern California Swimming swim club must meet with the Head Coach prior to readmission.  Readmission to the club will be at the Head Coach’s sole discretion and could be contingent on certain guidelines.



In years where awards are presented, only swimmers who are current with the club are eligible for club awards.  Awards are presented to all swimmers who participated in at least one sanctioned swim meet during the previous year.  The criteria for how awards are scored will be listed in the Awards Banquet program.



In the event a swimmer(s) from a multiple swimmer family chooses to leave Canyons Aquatic Club and join another Club within the same LSC and/or Committee that Canyons Aquatic Club belongs to,  then all swimmers from that family must leave the club as well.