Seasonal FAQ

How long is the season? 

A year-round swim team goes from September - July. Short course (SCY) season is from September - January and long course season (LCM) goes from February - July/August. 

What is the difference between short course (SCY) and long course (LCM)? 

SCY is 25 yards/lap (COTO sized-pool) and LCM is 50 meters/lap (Olympic sized-pool)

What is age group swimming vs senior swimming? 

Age group swimmers are classified as swimmers 14 and younger. Senior swimmers are ages 15 and up. 

Time Standard FAQ

What are the time standards for meets?

Check out the link to Southern California Swimming (SCS) here. Click "Time Standards" and select the gender and age of the swimmer. 

What do the time standards mean for my age group swimmer? 

Each meet is organized based on time standards. Once a "white"  swimmer achieves three (3) red times in three (3) different strokes, they are classified as a "red" swimmer. Once a "red" swimmer achieves three (3) blue times in three (3) different strokes, they are classified as a "blue" swimmer.

In SCY season, most age group swimmers will attend Blue, Red, and White meets (BRW). Awards at these meets are based off being a white, red, or blue swimmer. In LCM season, the meets are either blue meets or RW meets. Blue meets are LCM, and RW meets are still swum in SCY. 

SCY season ends with Winter Age Group Championships (WAG), Junior Olympics Max (JOMAX), and Junior Olympics (JOs). LCM season ends with June Age Group Championships (JAG), Junior Olympics Max (JOMAX), and Junior Olympics (JOs).

As a team, we want as many swimmers as possible qualifying for WAG, JAG, and JOs! In some cases, age group swimmers may qualify to swim at senior level meets. Check out the information below. 

For senior swimmers, what do the time standards mean?

Senior swimmers have BRW, JAG/WAG, and JO time standards just like age group swimmers. There are also meets specifically designed for senior level swimmers: Senior development, Sectionals, Futures, Junior Nationals, and Nationals. Click on the "Men/Women SCY or LCM" tabs under "Time standards" to see the senior meet time standards.