Senior 3

Coaches - Brian Pajer, Todd Hickman, Derek Tran

This is the top level AZOT practice group for 12 & older swimmers coached by Coaches Brian Pajer, Todd Hickman, & Derek Tran. Swimmers who are ‘JO’ level and above for their age group can apply for this group. Practices are scheduled six days per week, and some morning practices may be required. Correct stroke mechanics are emphasized in each practice session, as swimmers are developed to improve and become the best athlete possible. Space in this group is limited, and swimmers who meet the minimum performance requirements may be assigned to other groups until space becomes available. Swimmers are expected to attend all practice sessions and scheduled competitions. 

Senior 3 younger: Coaches Todd Hickman & Derek Tran: 11-15 year old swimmers with Summer Junior Olympic times for their age who are working towards California Sectional, Junior National, and National times.

Practices: 6-7 offered per week, 2.5 to 3 hours each

Senior 3 older: Head Coach Brian Pajer: 14 & older swimmers in 9th grade + with California Sectional times who are competing at the Sectional, National, and International level.

Practices: 7-9 offered per week, 3.25 hours each

Swimmers in this group are expected to have the following apparel/equipment:
AZOT Team Suit
AZOT Team Cap
AZOT T-shirt
AZOT Team Warm-ups
Paddles & pull bouy

Practice Days & Times*

*See Schedule & Group Calendars

*Swim practice are held rain or shine
*Please check the Senior 3 group calendar and email for any changes.