Puma Partners
How to Volunteer for a PUMA Swim Meet

1.)Go to our Events page and click on the specific event that you would like to volunteer at. 
2.)At the top right corner you will see a button for "Job Sign Up". 
3.)Click on this button and then choose which jobs you would like to sign up for. 

Below is a list of the current job dectiptions:

-Program Chair:  Lays out and prints meet program. Solicits Ads from local businesses and assists membership to do the same.
-Set Up: Assists meet director to set up tables, chairs, easy ups, start blocks, timing system, etc prior to meet. Installs touch pads after pool is cleared at conclusion of warm ups.
-Check In: Checks pre-registered swimmers into meet. Confirms events entered with each swimmer
-Warm Up Pool Marshall: Monitors warm up pool/lanes to assure that warm up rules are followed
-Announcer: Procures and sets up PA system. Announces event number and heat prior to start. Calls swimmer names and club by lane during heat. Makes other announcements as needed.
-Computer Operator: Seeds events, processes results.
-Runner: Posts event seeding (heat/lane). Delivers lane assignments/timing sheets/to timers. Picks up completed sheets from timers.
-Card Call: On large sign visible from pool deck, posts event number in the water, and event number that has been seeded and closed.
-Timing Console Operator: Runs the automatic “touch pad” timing system during the meet
-Ready Bench: Assists young swimmers entered in 25 yard events to their assigned heat and lane.
-Head Timer: Starts two watches at the beginning of each heat (back up for lane timers).
-Lane Timers: Starts watch at beginning of heat. Stops watch/pushes pickle button as swimmer completes event. Records times.
-Heat Prize: Distributes a prize to winner of each heat.
-Award Chair: Keeps inventory of awards and ribbons. Places orders for new awards as needed. As results become available, labels and distributes awards at meet.
-Award Clerk: Assists with labeling and distributing awards at meet
-Auction/Raffle Chair: organizes auction and raffle. Solicits donations from local businesses and assists membership to do the same. Sets up and runs auction/raffle table at meet.
-Concession Chair: Runs the concession booth. Chooses menu. Sets prices. Procures ingredients and resale items. Procures equipment. Sets up and organizes concession operation during meet.
-Concession Staff: Assists in concession booth during meet. May also help with pre-meet planning and procurement.
-Hospitality Chair: Organizes and delivers refreshments to coaches, meet officials and volunteers who cannot leave their positions while meet is running. Chooses menu. Procures ingredients and items. Does advance prep if needed. Procures equipment. Sets up and organizes Hospitality operation during meet. Typically involves some overlap with Concessions.
-Hospitality Staff: Assists with hospitality during meet. May also help with pre-meet planning, procurement, and prep.
-Tear Down: Assists meet director to break down tables, chairs, easy ups, start blocks, timing system, etc at conclusion of meet.