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Swim Meet Schedule

 last updated:Sep 13, 2018

PVST Meet Schedule

Subject to Change

PVST Hosted Meets in BOLD

Date PVST Training Group Meet / Location
9/22-23 All Groups PVST September Pentathlon SCY BRW @ ACHS
10/13-14 All Groups SBSC BRW @ Carpinteria
11/2-4 Sr Qualifiers SCS Kevin Perry Sr @ La Mirada
11/3-4 Blue and above groups BUEN BRW @ Ventura
11/10-11 All Groups PVST Turkey Meet SCY BRW @ ACHS
12/1-2 All Groups CSSC BRW "Last Chance WAG Qual" @ Simi
12/7-9 Age Group Qualifiers SCS WAG Championships @ Ventura
12/14-17 Sr Qualifiers CA/NV Sectionals @ Yucaipa
Date PVST Training Group Meet / Location
1/26-27 All Groups PVST Jan SCY BRW @ ACHS
3/2-3 All Groups PVST Mar SCY BRW @ ACHS
4/6 All Groups PVST Apr SCY BRW @ ACHS (1-day)
5/18 All Groups PVST May SCY BRW @ ACHS (1-day)
6/22-23 All Groups PVST June SCY BRW @ ACHS
8/3 All Groups PVST Aug SCY BRW @ ACHS (1-day)
9/21-22 All Groups PVST September Pentathlon SCY BRW @ ACHS
11/2-3 All Groups PVST Turkey Meet SCY BRW @ ACHS