TRI & Swim

TRI & Swim

This non-competitive fitness swim group is for swimmers ages 9 and up who want to swim to keep in shape or want to cross train for other sports such as water polo, triathlons, cross country, etc. We offer training sessions at both Miraleste Intermediate School (RPV) and South End Racquet Club (Torrance). Registration for this program is found through the Start Registration link on the left hand side.

PREREQUISITE: Swimmers at either location must be able to swim 50 yards of both UNASSISTED Freestyle and Backstroke before enrolling in this group.


Monday: 6:45-8pm

Wednesday: 6:45-8pm

Friday: 6-7:15pm



Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:15-8:30pm

*You do not need to be a South End member to enroll in this group!


FALL/WINTER DUES: (Sept 12 - Dec 16)

Single Site (Miraleste or South End location only): $350*

Unlimited (can interchange locations): $450*

(Includes USA Swimming registration and swim cap)

The $350 or $450 will be pro rated after Oct. 1, but you must pay by check when doing the registration and mail the check to: ZAP 3601 W. Hidden Lane #101 PVP, CA 90274.


"Taking Swimming to a Higher Level."