How to Register with USA Swimming

New Athlete 2022 Registration Process


Beginning September 1, 2019 all athlete registrations must be sent from each team as a batch file through Team Unify USA Swimming Registration. Individual registrations sent in by parents will no longer be accepted. Only SDAC coaching staff can send in USA Swimming registrations.

This new process will allow the teams to be in total control of collecting all required information for their athletes including verifying the DOB if the athlete is new to swimming.

Teams may submit 1 athlete in a batch or multiple athletes in a batch. The process remains the same.

Each team will now be responsible for verifying the date of birth of their athletes.  All new members must fill out a USA Swimming registration form and bring it along with one of the following (Original Birth Certificate with Embossed Seal, Certified Copy with Embossed Seal or Passport) to a registered USA Swimming non-athlete member).  The information will be verified and a San Diego-Imperial Swimming Swimmer verification form will be filled out.  This form along with the registration form must be turned in together for all new athletes in order to be registered with USA Swimming and to compete in swim meets.  Coach Tim will handle this process.    

Payment methods
SDAC will collect payments from the families with checks made out to SI Swimming. The registration form is required to be sent in as well.