Why swimming?
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Why Swimming?

There are many advantages of learning to swim. Among the countless benefits it has to promote good health, it is essential as a safety tool. Here are a few reasons of why swimming is a must know for everyone:

  • Swimming improves and individual's cardiovascular fitness.
  • Swimming improves strength and flexibility.
  • Learning to swim is not only a fun and health activity, but a safety measure as well. In the United States , drowning is the 2nd greatest cause of accidental death in children. More than 1,700 children drown each year. All children should learn how to swim to reduce their chances of drowning and to free them of any fear of the water.
  • Swimming uses almost all the major muscle groups.
  • The buoyancy factor of swimming makes it the most injury-free sport there is.
  • Water helps improve coordination and balance by forcing swimmers to move bilaterally to maintain equilibrium.
  • Warm water, combined with gently exercise, relaxes and stimulates a child's appetite. Children often sleep and eat better on swimming days.
  • Doctors often recommend swimming as an exercise for asthmatics. For many asthmatics, exercise produces bronchial hyperactivity. Swimming stimulates less wheezing then other forms of exercise, possibly because of the warm, moist air around the pool is less irritating to the lungs.
  • Swimming builds confidence. As students practice and improve skills, they will be gaining not only confidence in their swimming abilities, but confidence in themselves. By trying something new and experiencing success, they will have more confidence in trying other new activities.
  • Students with disabilities are able to move in water with more freedom and ability than they normally experience on land.
  • Swimming is a great low intensity exercise that is easy on the joints due to the warm water.
  • Swimming provides most of the aerobic benefits that running does but does not put the strain on the connective tissues that running does.