One Team & Dream

Belief is the knowledge that we can do something. It's the inner feeling that what we undertake, we can accomplish. For the most part, all of us have the ability to look at something and know whether or not we can do it. So, in belief there is power: our eyes are opened, our opportunities become plain, and our visions become realities." - Unknown

As you look at the team as a whole, you will notice that there are no requirements on attendance, but rather recommendations. This is all part of the philosophy here at the San Diego Aquatic Club (SDAC) that makes this program so special and, at the same time, successful. The belief here is that we will have champions because we have athletes who want to become champions.

The job here for all our coaches is to help young people dream and see that dreams become a reality through hard work. This is a process of teaching, showing, and supporting the athletes in the self-growth and self-discipline that it takes to be successful. It is a partnership based on honesty and integrity between athlete and coach. It is a relationship that is not coach and athlete, but rather two people working together for a common goal.

Our Purpose
Educate, Inspire, Motivate, Believe, and Succeed!

Our Mission
At the San Diego Aquatic Club, we strive to provide individualized training, while our teaching system encourages young people to develop character and self- discipline through excellence in swimming so as to be champions in life. We instill in today's youth the physical, mental, and social responsibility that it will take to become tomorrow's leaders.

SDAC Values

  • Teamwork - Achieved through mutual inspiration and friendship
  • Mentorship - Experienced swimmers act as guides for less experienced swimmers
  • Respect - Give it, earn it, seek it
  • Enthusiasm - Display a positive attitude
  • Determination - Perseverance in completing a short term set or task
  • Dedication - Perseverance in completing a long term set or task
  • Achievement - Goal setting
    • Courage - The exploration of reasonable risk
    • Accountability - I am responsible for my own actions
    • Punctuality - Be there!
    • Team Pride - We are SDAC
    • Reliability - Consistency in training and outlook
    • Trustworthiness - Demonstrate and demand scrupulous integrity
    • Citizenship - Honoring the rules and goals of the sport