Moving Up
When can I move up to the next level?
Moving to the next level in an SDAC program involves several factors. A child's technical competence, physical stamina, mental preparedness, swim meet attendance and performance, as well as many other subjective factors, all play a role. Your coach is the individual best able to assess a swimmers readiness to make this next step.

Group move ups for the Age Group Developmental and Performance Groups occur four times a year (December, March, June, and September). The progress of athletes swimming at these levels can be large in both technical efficiency and speed. Group adjustments are made accordingly.

At the most advanced level in SDAC's age group program the Age Group Elite level move ups occur only two times each year (after the Far Western Championships in March, and at the beginning of the year in September).

Movement into the highest level in our program, the Senior Elite group, occurs only at the beginning of each new season in September.

Talk to your coach about your goals on a regular basis. He/she is the person who can help you make that jump to the next level!!

All adjustments to the groups must go through the Head Coach. The Head Coach has the final word on all movements on the team.