All Ages Welcome; Swimmer must be able to swim 25 yards

The SDAC Pre-Competitive program is an introductory program, for children ages 5-13, that includes basic stroke instruction, turns, starts, and an introduction to racing. In the pre-competitive level of swimming, swimmers begin to build endurance and improve their skills in all four competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Swimmers will work on stroke technique and drills designed to make their swimming easier and more efficient, while developing enthusiasm for the sport of swimming. Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practice sessions as possible, but daily attendance is not mandatory. All practices are coached by a certified United States Swimming coach.

Throughout the year, the pre-competitive team will be participating in novice events while working towards C level competition. These events provide the swimmers an opportunity to have fun while utilizing their newly developed swimming skills.

Pre-competitive team members will receive a team t-shirt and swim cap with registration.

This is an excellent program for children who wish to improve their swimming skills, while gaining the benefit and experience of a team environment.

For additional information, please call (858) 254-2233

When can I move up to the Comptetive Team?
Moving to the next level in SDAC's program involves several factors. A child's technical competence, physical stamina, mental preparedness, swim meet attendance and performance, as well as many other subjective factors, all play a role. Your coach is the individual best able to assess a swimmers readiness to make this next step.

Pre-competitive swimmers have mastered all four competitive swimming strokes, in addition to achieving a high competency in turns, starts and pool safety. The purpose of the pre-competitive program is to introduce the techniques and skills necessary to be a part of the entry levels of our year-round competitive swim team, as well as teach the rules of competitive swimming and racing.

Once a swimmer achieves strength and endurance in freestyle and backstroke, they may be considered for the SDAC Competitive team. These swimmers must also be competent in breaststroke, butterfly, flip-turns and starts. Knowledge of the basic rules of competitive swimming and pool safety is desired.

Talk to your coach about your goals on a regular basis. He/she is the person who can help you make that jump to the next level!!

All adjustments to the groups must go through the Head Coach. The Head Coach has the final word on all movements on the team.