Why a Water-Disk?


Top Reasons for a Water-Disk Sport


1)       SKWIM™ is a one-of-a-kind "water-disk" sport , and the natural bridge between interactive team sports and the classical hydrodynamic wonder behind surfing, boating, or simply skipping a rock on a pond. 

2)       The SKWIM™Disk uses efficient hydroplaning at the air-water interface as it’s mode of travel. This is both unique to sport and only possible in a “surface” water sport.

3)       The mechanics for passing the patented SKWIM™ Disk are very simple.  Children ages 5 and up can grasp, control, and pass the disk with ease and accuracy. Elderly adults can grasp the soft undercut hand rail comfortably. Athletes can perform quick, accurate and high performance passes and scores with the disk, including forehand, backhand, overhand, underhand, spin shots, reverse passes, lofts and floaters.

4)       The SKWIM™ Disk features an exclusive dynamic design which helps keep the disk down on the water, running fast, flat, and straight on the water’s surface. 

5)       The SKWIM™disk is softer and safer than sport balls, with a built in cushioning side rail.

6)       The SKWIM™ disk is quicker and faster to handle than a full size sport ball. The handle grip makes it easy to control. Passing and scoring is mostly in the wrist-action and less dependent on shoulder power, making the disk much easier to manage in the water for all ages and abilities

7)       The disk is quite quick on the water, making SKWIM™ a lightning fast water-sport at times.  SKWIM™ stays spread like soccer, because of the playability of the disk, and because there is not time for the whole team to transition. This translates to a much more exciting game to watch and the promise of a high profile spectator sport for the water!

8)       In combination with 360 degree scoring action, state-of-the-art swim fin biomechanics, and hydrodynamic disk action, SKWIM™ is a completely new advancement in aquatic sports participation.