Online Processing

Process Pink

For your convenience, we register our athletes and teams online and accept credit card payments with Visa, Visa debit card, Mastercard, and Mastercard debit card, as well as electronic checks. Our online registration partner is Process Pink (more info at Process Pink Website).


Personal information provided in the registration process is used to administer SOLO Aquatics team activities only. SOLO Aquatics does not publish, provide, or sell personal information to third parties, with the exception of medical emergency information as authorized during the registration process. Our online registration partner, Team Unify, and payment processing system, Process Pink, are also committed to privacy with all registration information and payment processing.

Process Pink information collection and transactions are safe and secure. All personal information that you provide when you register with Process Pink is stored securely in their database. Your information is not shared with anyone other than SOLO Aquatics.

Credit Card Information

Most organizations and events have a registration fee. If you choose to pay this fee by credit card then Process Pink requires your credit card information in order to process the transaction. Your credit card information is sent along as part of an SSL encrypted transaction to the credit card processing company.

More details about Process Pink's policies are available at Process Pink.