Swimmer's Training  Equipment

It is important for swimmers to bring specific training equipment to all workouts including goggles and an appropriate swim suit.

Long hair should always be worn in a swim cap to keep hair out of the face and mouth. Learning to swim correctly is challenging with hair flowing all over the place. Swim caps also protect hair significantly from chlorine damage and conserve heat for swimmers that get cold. All swimmers are encouraged to race in swim caps.

Swim suits should be safe for diving into the pool without swimmers having to worry about their potential to fall down. Two piece suits and those with elastic waists are particularly troublesome. Swim suits for boys should be jammer or speedo style with a draw string. Loose clothing causes significant drag and added weight creating challenges to learning correct swimming technique. Swim shirts or rash guards should NOT be worn for this same reason. Please apply sunscreen liberally if you are worried about sun exposure. Swim shirts will not make your swimmer warmer in the pool. 

Feel free to ask a coach if you have any questions regarding any future purchases of specific practice equipment.

Equipment Needed for Meets

3-4 Towels, racing suit, goggles, team cap, and water are considered swim meet essentials. Swimmers may also wish to consider a team parka or warm clothing, a folding chair, shade, a well stocked cooler, and games, books or other restful activities.

Equipment Needed for 13-18 Year Old Practice


We recommend the Speedo Nemisis Contour training paddle, although there are many paddles without an oversized shape that can serve as substitute. Always check with a coach before ordering, so that the right size paddle can be determined. Bigger is not better.

PULL BUOY (Optional)

Most pull buoys are the same, though the Finis buoy is easier to grip and softer in material than most. Also, be sure to note whether you are selecting an adult or youth size before ordering. The team also has pull buoys for all swimmers to use.

KICKBOARD (Optional)

Almost any training style kickboard will work as well as another. The one on the left just has cool handles. The team also has kickboards for all swimmers to use.


There are many training fins available, but be sure to order short-bladed fins made for competitive swim training. Speedo, Finis, and TYR make some of the best fins available. Long fins are great for scuba diving, but their long, slow strokes are not beneficial to swim technique.


You will need a gear bag to store all of this cool stuff, and the bag will help swimmers keep their gear separate when piled in a lane. The mesh bag pictured here usually runs between $10 and $15.