Source: Synopsis: Animations demonstrating stroke techniques of various swimmers. Animations may be adjusted to view from different angles and to change the frames-per-second. Click here to view menu.

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Chi Swimming

Source: Unknown Synopsis: Benefits of 'Chi' Swimming as compared to 'Power' swimming.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Breaststroke Pull-Outs But Were Afraid to Ask

     by Jeff Commings

Freestyle - Reach Full Extension by Glenn Mills

General Interest

A Nation of Wimps

Source: Psychology Today Synopsis: Parents are going to ludicrous lengths to take the bumps out of life for their children. However, parental hyperconcern has the net effect of making kids more fragile; that may be why they're breaking down in record numbers.

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Forget Pyramid... Bring Gym Class Back to Schools

Source: Chicago Tribune Synopsis: Editorial

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Enough already with kid gloves

Source: USA Today Synopsis: Editorial

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Thinking to Improve our Sport / Age Groupers Swimming Fast by John Leonard

USA Swimming Nutrition Center

Normal People Don't Do Deliberate Practice by Guy Edson

The Confidence Gap - Confidence and Women by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

Excerpt from "Citzenship In a Republic" by Theodore Roosevelt

Dietary Guidelines for Athletes 

Tips for Consistent Nutrition by Chris Rosenbloom, PHD, RDN, CSSD

A Tiny Vermont Town Is a Big Cradle of Olympians

For Parents

13 Steps to Being a Winning Parent by Dr. Alan Goldberg

Success and Failure by John Leonard

A Parents Guide to Self Confidence in Sport by Kenny Mummery

Short Term Failure is the Path for Long Term Success

Smothered in Praise by Todd Huffman

A Chance to Be A Hero Everyday by John Leonard

Role Models of Excellence by John Leonard

Sports Psychology Guidelines for Swim Parents

The Awesome 8 Year Old by John Leonard

Swim Parents Can Learn About the Developmental Process...And Respect It by John Leonard

The Biggest Question by John Leonard

A Parent's Guide to Self-Confidence in Sport by Kerry Mummery

What Parents Should Say as Their Kids Perform

7 Crippling Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children From Becoming Leaders from

Have You Taught Your Child to Learn? by David Benzel

Let Swimming Belong to the Child by John Leonard

For Swimmers

Win Forever Pyramid (Maximize Potential)

Always Compete

Nutrition Tips for Young Athletes

In Swimming, Knowing Your Stage Matters More Than Your Age – by Aaron Piersol

21 Top Laws of Swimming By Jerry Heidenreich

Rainbow of Heath by Ed Nessel

Nutrition for Swimmers by David Speechly

16 Ways to Stay Healthy