Code of Conduct

SSCD Swimmer Behavior & Disciplinary Policy

(Adopted 2015)


Our mission is "To develop performance skills, character traits and inner drive necessary to empower young people to become champions in life."  The goals of this policy are to promote safety, harmony, sportsmanship, tolerance, respect, acceptance and personal focus.


The coaching staff will evaluate each behavior issue as it presents itself, and will have the flexibility to make whatever judgment call necessary to promote the health and safety of the Team.   If you have a concern, contact the Coach in charge of the training group or the Program Director/Head Coach.  It is not the purpose of the Board of Directors to get involved with disciplinary procedures for minor infractions. 


Penalized Activity Examples:

Threatening/intimidating behavior

Intentional disruptive lane/workout behavior

Talking when coach is talking

Interacting (talking/shouting/gesturing from the pool) with anyone in spectator area while in practice*

Bringing non-swimmers/friends onto the pool deck anytime especially while in practice

Disrespectful attitude/behavior toward coach, teammates, patrons of the pool, parents, pool staff

Foul language

Name calling/verbal abuse 

Entering the pool late for warm-up (when at the pool on time)

Leaving equipment out

Entering the pool when athlete's training group is not in session without a coach’s permission

Swimming under the bulkhead or climbing on lane lines/cover reels

Running, pushing or horseplay --especially on the deck area and inside the pool complex 

Other disruptive, offensive, rude, disrespectful or unsafe behaviors


Possible course of action:

- Warning

- Removal from pool for 10 minutes/time-out

- Removal from workout.  Parent/guardian will be called by coach.  Documentation will be placed on file with SSCD secretary

- Repeated offenses may result in suspension.

* If there is a spectator that is distracting a swimmer and the other swimmers, the coach may ask them to leave


Locker Room Horseplay

Good behavior in locker rooms is essential to a positive long-term relationship with pool management.  We rent use of our pool and we will lose the ability to use the pool if our swimmers misbehave in the locker rooms, i.e. vandalism, leaving messes, inappropriate or rude behavior to other swimmers.  Therefore "minor" or "penalized activities" are treated with a tough, no tolerance approach.


Immediate Suspension Examples:

Physical violence

Vandalism/destruction of pool property* 

Sexual misconduct


Drinking, smoking or taking of any illegal substance during SSCD activities

Any illegal activity


Possible course of action:

- Up to one week suspension** from team at Coach's discretion.  Parent/guardian will be called.  Documentation placed on file with SSCD secretary. 

- With recommendation from coach and upon majority vote by SSCD Board, suspension exceeding a week** or possible expulsion may occur.

- Repeated offenses may result in expulsion upon majority vote by SSCD Board.


*If you witness someone maliciously causing damage contact the coach on duty immediately.  Responsible party will be disciplined and the parents will be held financially responsible.


**Please note, training fees are non-refundable due to suspension for misconduct.