Conduct at Meets

Code of Conduct for SSCD Swimmers and Parents at Meets



The goals of this code of conduct are to promote a positive, safe, respectful and supportive atmosphere in order for everyone to have fun, and for SSCD athletes to focus and excel.  It is important that parents and swimmers alike, are aware of how their actions at a meet, reflect on the reputation of the Team. 



1.  We will refrain from judging or criticizing others.  

2.  We will treat all members of the team (coaches, swimmers, parents) and our opponents with dignity and respect.

3.  We will be dedicated and loyal to our Club and teammates.  We will be vocally supportive.  We will display our team pride by wearing and competing in SSCD attire (team caps/suits).

4.  We will be respectful of the host facility and clean up after ourselves at the end of a meet.

5. Championship and  travel meet participation, including PNS Champs, Regional, and National championships, and travel meets outside of PNS, is at the approval of Head Coach.



Adults shall be considerate in their actions.  Anyone who is demeaning the program, hassling officials at meets or acting in an inappropriate manner may be asked to leave the facility.  At no time during any meet, shall a parent approach an official for the purpose of arguing a call or for the purpose of contesting results.  All inquiries regarding calls or results shall be directed through the designated coach.  

During all team activities, parents/guardians are responsible for the conduct and safety of children under their care who are not directly participating in team activities.  

Adult members of the Club may be subject to disciplinary action (in form of a warning, or suspension) for any action deemed by the Board to be prejudicial to the best interest of the Team, or the sport of competitive swimming or to have damaged the Club's reputation in the community.  



We expect our swimmers to show good sportsmanship and to behave in such a way that their actions reflect positively on the team at all times.  That includes good behavior in the locker room.  Any violations to the SSCD swimmer behavior policy will be dealt with as previously stated in that document.


Upon arriving to a meet, swimmers should report to warm-ups on time and check-in with their coach.  After warm-ups swimmers should report to the coach's area before each race.  After the race: 1) See your coach, 2) warm down.  Swimmers will wait for the coach to provide feedback and be patient if another team member is racing. Your coach will provide feedback to each swimmer in a timely fashion as soon as any other team members races have completed.  


Please note, no friends/girlfriends/boyfriends or non-volunteers are allowed on deck or in Team designated rest areas during swim meets.  If a non-swimmer or volunteer is on deck, they will be asked to return to the spectator area.