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The first FINA / UANA Masters Coaches Clinic was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in conjunction with the South American Masters Championships.  The South American Masters Championships was an ideal location to host this first clinic, with over 1200 Swimmers representing 130 Clubs throughout South America.

The presentations given by Bill Brenner, US Masters Swimming COO/Director of Education, and Marty Hendrick, US Masters Swimming Coach were outstanding.  There were 50+ coaches from 9 Federations in South America who attended the Clinic.  The clinic lasted 4 hours and they wanted more.  The objective of the clinic was to teach a simple progression of drills for all four competitive strokes, so swimmers and coaches can enjoy swimming and have a healthy lifestyle.  
While there have been many other Coaches Clinics around the world, this was the first Clinic just for Masters Coaches. The objective was to show coaches how to understand the adult athlete and how to teach the adult athlete with a simple drill progression in each stroke.
I wish to thank CONSANAT President Juan Carlos Orihuela for his support, and the support of CONSANAT of Masters Swimming.  Thanks also to Fernando Terrilli, president of the Argentine Swimming Federation for his support of this project.  His administrators, Julio Clement, Secretary General and Sergio Antonini, Vice President, provided  leadership and hospitality to me and our coaches.  Thanks to US Masters Swimming for providing quality instructors for this international project
A final THANK YOU to FINA and UANA for their constant support of Masters Swimming.  
This Clinic was more successful that I could have imagined, and was regarded a "Home Run" !


November 8, 2016: 


UANA Masters Technical Committee is accepting Bids to host a UANA Masters Clinic


 2017 Clinics 


Interested in hosting a Masters Swim Clinic in the Americas.  UANA Masters Technical committee has allocated funds to host Masters clinics.   


The Goal:  To promote Masters Aquatics (all disciplines-Diving, Open Water, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming and Water Polo) and to encourage more adults to swim.  


Swimming is the only sport that saves lives.  Swimming is a life long sport.  Swimming doesn’t stop when an age group swimmer stops competing.  The opportunities are available to give back to the sport and lead a healthy lifestyle.  


This initiative is to encourage coaches and leaders to embrace the continuum of Aquatics.  To understand the difference in training between elite swimming and Masters.


                                                                Clinica 2017


Interesado en recibir una Clínica Masters Swim en las Américas. El Comité Técnico de Maestros UANA ha asignado fondos para alojar clínicas de maestros en 2017.

La meta: Promover los Masters Aquatics (todas las disciplinas: buceo, agua abierta, natación, natación sincronizada y waterpolo) y animar a más adultos a nadar.

La natación es el único deporte que salva vidas. La natación es un deporte para toda la vida. La natación no se detiene cuando un nadador de grupo de edad deja de competir. Las oportunidades están disponibles para devolver al deporte y llevar un estilo de vida saludable.

Esta iniciativa es para alentar a los entrenadores y líderes a abrazar el continuo de Aquatics. Para entender la diferencia en el entrenamiento entre la natación de la élite y la natación de los amos.


O prazo final é 31 de dezembro de 2016.

Interessado em hospedar uma Clínica Masters Swim nas Américas. O comitê técnico da UANA Masters alocou fundos para hospedar clínicas de mestrado em 2017.

O objetivo: Promover Masters Aquatics (todas as disciplinas-Mergulho, Água Aberta, Natação, Natação Sincronizada e Water Polo) e incentivar mais adultos a nadar.

A natação é o único esporte que salva vidas. A natação é um esporte de vida longa. A natação não pára quando um nadador da faixa etária pára de competir. As oportunidades estão disponíveis para dar de volta ao esporte e levar um estilo de vida saudável.

Esta iniciativa é para incentivar treinadores e líderes a abraçar o continuum de Aquatics. Para entender a diferença no treinamento entre a natação da elite e a natação dos mestres.