Hi Athletes & Swim Parents,
Our vision at AthleticFoodie is to unlock the mental and physical potential of 
athletes, by being an expert resource for useful and applicable information on sports 
nutrition, as well as being the go-to source for individually packaged snacks athletes 
love to eat, that also fuel them to perform. 
AthleticFoodie snacks are trusted and used by US Olympians, World Championship 
team members, top university athletic departments, and young athletes around the
country, for the following reasons:
 Designed by sports dietitians, who specialize in fueling athletes
 Individually portioned, so there’s no confusion on how much to eat
 Snack labels instruct the athlete when to eat each snack, for optimal benefit
 Ready to grab and throw into a bag, for any workout or competition
 No artificial ingredients
 No refined sugars
 No preservatives
 Ingredients you know and can pronounce
 Tested and loved by thousands of athletes nationwide
AthleticFoodie Snacks:
 Pre-Workout Granola: Helps athletes get the right amount of calories and 
carbohydrates, before workouts and competitions, so they are fueled to 
perform at their best.
 During/Post-Workout Energy Chews: Helps replenish the body’s main 
source of energy (glycogen), which is lost during workouts or competitions.
 Post-Workout Trail Mix: Helps replenish glycogen, supplies protein to help 
repair muscles, and fat to help reduce inflammation. 
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sent to your house. 
We look forward to helping you learn more about how to use sports nutrition to 
unlock your potential, and achieve your dreams!
--The AthleticFoodie Team