Session Fees

Group Fees

Pre-Comp Team:  8-week sessions $70 for RecPlex members / $90 for non-RecPlex members - sign up at Front Desk or RP website.

Short Course fee structure

  Month Member Month Non-Mem  
Barracuda 55 60  
Red 60 65  
White 65 70  
Blue 70 75  
Fitness and Technique 50 55  
Senior 2 70 75  
Masters 35 $5 per hour punch card  

Billing Schedule for the Pleasant Prairie Patriot Swim Team is as follows:

For families with multiple swimmers a $5.00 per month discount will apply per swimmer.  Highest athlete pays full, each athlete receives $5.00 reduction of monthly fees from the next lowest group.  The third athlete will receive a $10.00 monthly discount.  There will no longer be a yearly non-member fee.  This will be a $5.00 per month, per athlete fee assessed with training fees every month.

August Clinic:  Billed once on August 1st

Masters Monthly Member :  Every Month

Masters Monthly Non-Member:  Every Month


All accounts will pay team fees monthly, you will always be billed the 1st of the month. For example, if your child swam all of September, your account will be charged/invoiced on the 1st (first) September. Any fees during September will be on October’s invoice (Meet Fee, Equipment Fee, etc.).You will be emailed an invoice of your account that will describe the charges to your account (Meet Fee, Equipment Fee, etc.).

A simulation of the entire month’s worth of non-recurring and recurring charges that the account owes to the team based on the day you send this will be sent out 5-7 days before the 1st so you can inform me of any anomalies. The idea is to give you a heads-up as to what charges will be on your invoice on the 1st. This report will simulate the actual billing run that happens at 12:01am PST on the 1st.

For families with multiple swimmers there is a discount.  Your second athlete receives a 5$ per month discount from their fees.  The third athlete receives a 10$ per month discount from their fees.  The athlete in the highest group pays the full amount and the price drops progressively by group. 

Payment of fees

All accounts are invoiced on the first of every Month regardless of a balance. Parents can check there accounts at any time to ensure accuracy. Parents with ACH withdrawal will have their payment settled  by the 7th of each month. Parents who need to make a onetime payment can send a check. The system cannot currently charge ACH outside the first of the month.  Currently we cannot process Credit Cards for recurring payments at the beginning of each month.  Parents wishing to pay by credit can process an On Demand payment from their member account, but will be assessed a 3% processing fee.  The credit card cannot be stored for monthly payment, we will remove it.

Mail payments to:

9900 Terwall Terrace

Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

Patriot Swim Team

No payments are to be given to the assistant coaches. Checks can be given to Coach Steve or Coach Luke. They may also be dropped off at the aquatics desk outside the pool.  Any questions regarding your bill should be directed to Head Age Group Coach Steve Yemm, . 

Any changes to your account (i.e. address or name) should be submitted via the website under personal information.

If you no longer wish to participate in the Team, your intentions must be put in writing and sent to the Head Coach stating the name of your swimmer and we must know by the 15th of the month prior to you leaving the team. This will ensure that your account remains accurate.