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Click here for: ONLINE REGISTRATION for SUMMER 2018

Group training fees for 2017/2018

Spring: March 19 - June 9, 2018

Summer: June 11 - August 1, 2018

Click here for: ONLINE REGISTRATION for SEPTEMBER 2018 - AUGUST 2019

Group training fees for 2018/2019

Fall: September 11 - December 1, 2018

Winter: December 3, 2018 - February 23, 2019

Spring: April 1 - June 8, 2019 (Includes March dry-land program for Senior swimmers, March 11 - 30)

Summer: June 10 - July 31, 2019

Swimmers can join at any time (fees are pro-rated on a weekly basis), but must be registered prior to their first practice.  Fees due at time of registration are the Express group fee (based on the payment option selected) and USA Swimming Registration fee.  See payment options below.

Avoid a late registration fee of $25 per swimmer by registering by August 1.  Late registration fees will not be charged to new families joining the team for the first time.

Refund/Credit Policy: It is important that you read the below information and choose the best option for your family.  Swim fees are non-refundable.  Please review all of your payment and withdrawal options.  Credits are issued due to extended illness or injury.


New swimmer evaluations can be scheduled in advance with Laurie Carlson, laurie@waukeshaexpress.org.  New swimmers do have the option to of a one week trial, free of charge.  This must be arranged in advance, contact Laurie Carlson (262-893-4679) to make arrangements.  One week trials should be done prior to registration.


If you are new to the team you will receive an e-mail with login information for our website once the registration is approved.  You will need this login to sign up for meets and much more!  If you don’t get this e-mail (usually e-mailed to new families within two weeks of first practice) please let us know.


If a swimmer misses practice for more than 3 consecutive weeks due to illness or injury, a credit will be issued which can be applied to a future registration.  A note from the physician must be e-mailed or dropped off to the pool within 3 weeks of injury or onset of illness, and must include date of injury, and length of time that swimmer can not swim.


Regardless of your choice of payment option, if your swim fees payments are not received by the due date you will be subject to a $10 late fee (this is in addition to late fees that will be charged on the 15th of each month if account carries a past due balance).  To avoid this late fee, contact Laurie Carlson at laurie@waukeshaexpress.org in advance of payment due date if you need to make payment arrangements.  Late charges for past due monthly swim fees will not be removed after the due date.


Withdrawal notices must be done in writing to Laurie Carlson (laurie@waukeshaexpress.org).  Reminders will be sent about withdrawal dates.

Monthly Payment Option

This payment option is only available through July 15, 2018 (for the upcoming 2018 - 2019 year).  Your first payment is at time of registration with other monthly payments August 1 - June 1, 2019.  Must withdraw prior to the following billing dates: 10/1 for winter session, 1/1 for spring session, 4/1 for summer session.


Session Payment Option

You will pay for the fall session when you register.  Your swimmer is automatically registered for future sessions unless you give notice prior to billing date.  Fees for future sessions will be billed on 11/1 for Winter, 2/1 for Spring, 5/1 for Summer.


Seasonal Payment Option

Short course season (Fall/Winter: September - March) swim fees are due at the time of registration, long course season (Spring/Summer: March - August) are billed on 2/1.  Withdraw prior to 2/1 billing date if your swimmer is withdrawing for the long course season.   


Annual Swim Fees

Annual swim fees are due at time of registration (due date is August 1).  Remember: Swim fees are non-refundable, and can not be applied to a different swimmer or different season.  This option is only available through September 1 for upcoming year.


If you register your child and pay annually, it will include the Fall Fitness for Age Group swimmers or the Early Fall Training for Senior swimmers (no additional charges for those fall programs and swimmers will automatically be registered, no discounts for kids that don’t participate in the fall programs).  Please keep in mind that swim fees are non-refundable, and can not be applied to a different swimmer or family.


High School Swimmers

All high school swimmers should register by August 1, including high school girls that are swimming with their high school team in the fall.  If you register late you will be subject to the $25 late registration fee.  It is also important to note that you only receive e-mails if your swimmer is registered, and it is important for you to stay in touch during the high school season.


The fees for HS Girls and HS Boys have been adjusted to account for the time that they are swimming with their high school team.


High school swimmers that want to swim with Express during their high school season have the option to attend up to three practices per week for an additional $120.  These can be morning or afternoon practices.  If a high school swimmer attends more than three practices per week the regular swim rates apply.


Swimmers transferring from a different team must complete the Wisconsin Swimming Transfer Form.


USA Swimming Membership Fee

All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming.  It is an annual fee, however, new swimmers joining after September 1 are grandfathered in for the remainder of that calendar year.  New swimmers should pay this fee at time of registration.  


The fee for 2018 is $66, but increases to $68 for 2019.  Swimmers that swam with the team in 2018 should have paid this fee and already be registered, but their membership will be renewed automatically in October.  The $68 charge will be included on your 9/1 invoice.


Note: Returning swimmers that register after the 8/1 deadline will be charged an additional USA Swimming Registration processing fee of $15 if they are not registered and paid by 9/1.  This fee does NOT apply to new swimmers registering with the team for the first time.


Wisconsin Swimming Transfer Form (required for swimmers that are transferring from a different USA Swimming team)


Multiple Swimmer Discount

This discount will automatically be applied during online registration.  Swimmers must be registered at the same time to get the discount.

7.5% for two swimmers

10.00% for three swimmers

12.50% for four or more swimmers

Meet Fees
Meet information is posted on the Events page of our website (you need to be logged in on the site to view all of these events), and you will receive e-mail notification when events are posted.  Check this page frequently to avoid missing entry deadlines.  You are responsible for signing up for swim meets online, and also for all fees associated with your entries.  These fees will be billed to your account and billing summaries will be e-mailed to you on the 21st of each month, with payment due on the first of the following month.


If you have questions about choosing meets/races for your child, please talk to your child’s coach.  Questions about online meet entry can be directed to your child’s coach or to Dan Wohl, dan@waukeshaexpress.org.  


Billing summaries are e-mailed on the 21st of each month, this will include most charges due on 10/1.  This billing summary allows you to review recurring charges for swim fees and USA Registration prior to the invoice generation on the 1st of the month.  Meet entry fees can be added through the end of the month so it is important to check your balance due on the 1st of the month when invoices are generated.  When you sign up for a meet you can plan on the meet entry fees be billed to your account shortly after the deadline.  You have access to your account at all times, click on the My Account, then My Invoice/Payment link on the left hand side of the page.


A couple of things to note about meet entry fees:

  • We will bill for your account for meet entry fees when the entries are submitted to the host team.  You are responsible for the meet entry fees at that time and they are non-refundable if you do not attend the meet for any reason (includes injury, illness, family commitments, etc).  
  • We can not always guaranty being able to add swimmers once the online deadline has passed.  If we can add a late entry for you upon your request, your account will be charged a $10 administration fee in addition to the regular meet entry fees.  Note: This does not apply to new families/swimmers during their first season with the team.  For experienced families we do recognize that life gets busy and things happen, you will not be charged for your your first late entry each season.
  • If your account is greater than 30 days past due you will not be able to sign up for new meets.    You can submit your payment online, online entries should be accepted immediately after payment has been submitted.  


All fundraisers are optional.


Late Fees

You are responsible for all swim fees, meet entry fees, USA Swimming annual registration fee, team caps, apparel and equipment that you purchase/register.  If it is not paid for by the due date late fees will be incurred.  Billing summaries are e-mailed on the 21st of each month, any balance is due by the 1st of the following month.  If payment is not received within 14 days of the due date (1st of the month), a $10 late fee will be billed to your account.


If balance is not paid within 30 days, and payment arrangements have not been made, your account will be suspended.  This means that you can not enter your swimmer in any additional events/meets, and previously entered events/meets will also be suspended.  Your account will not be reactivated until your account is paid in full including a $25 reactivation fee, or payment arrangements are made.


Group Changes

As swimmer are ready, coaches will make changes to the swimmer’s group assignment.  If your swimmer moves to a group with a higher fee, you will be responsible for the pro-rated increase.


Practice Schedule

Our practice schedule can be found under the SwimTeam tab, Practice Schedules.  This page will also have any updates and changes to our schedule, you should check it frequently.


Canceled Practices

No refunds or credits will be given for canceled practices.  Coaches will re-schedule practices whenever possible.


Team Uniform

Swimmers are required to have a team suit and team cap for meets.  You can order a team suit on the Online Team Store, the link is located on the home page of our website.  Caps can be purchased from the pool office; $3 for latex caps and $13 for silicone caps.  Swimmers can get caps from the coaches at practices and/or meets, your account will be billed.


Practice Equipment

Our online team store shows the equipment required for each group.  If you are unsure about a piece of equipment, please check with your coach prior to purchase.  More information can also be found on our website, Swim Team, Team Store, you can order all of these required items there.


Meet Worker Requirements

Working at meets gives you an opportunity to get involved! It’s fun and a great way to meet other parents. That being said new families are not required to work during their first six months with the team.


Once our meet schedule is finalized we will notify families of the required number of shifts that will be required. Shifts are determined by the number of meets that we host and the number of family accounts currently active for the session/swim season. Each family has the same requirement regardless of the number of children on the team. Since work sessions are fulfilled mostly by parents it is reasonable to set the requirement the same for all families.


Shifts are usually 4 hours long, and you can sign up for your shifts online. An e-mail will go out to let you know when online sign up is available. We need help in a variety of areas, and most do not require previous experience.  Even if your child does not swim in meets, you are required to work at our home meets. The revenue that is generated at our home meets benefits all families.


Swimmers 16 years of age and older are able to help with this, along with other family members and friends.


If you wish to buy-out of this meet worker requirement, the cost is $65 per shift.  If you sign up to work and do not show up, the cost is $100 shift.


Communication is key! If you have conflicts or need help to meet your family requirement please contact Laurie Carlson at laurie@waukeshaexpress.org. We will do our best to work with you and come up with a plan that works for everyone.