Board & Coordinators

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The House of Delegates consists of:  A Delegate from each Swim Club, the Alaska Swimming Board of Directors, certain Committee Chairs and Coordinators, and At-Large Athlete & Non-Athlete Reps (Area Athlete Reps and Area Chairs)

Board & Coordinator Page (Voice and Vote)

  • Board—ELECTED (2yr Terms, 2 Term Limit)

1)  E    General Chair- Josh Gregory    (NA-SST)

2)  O   Administrative Vice Chair- David Kolberg    (CAS-CAC)

3)  E    Finance Vice Chair- Ehren Schacle    (NA-former SST)

4)  E    Senior Vice Chair- Scott Griffith    (SE-GSC)

5)  O   Age Group Vice Chair- Maggie Rocheleau    (SC-KKF)

6)  E    *Secretary- Jodi McLaughlin    (CAS-NLSC)

7)  O   *Treasurer- Wendy Kolberg     (CAS-CAC)

      **Above are Officers* *

8)  O   Safe Sport/Operational Risk Chair- Stephanie Snyder    (SC-SSS)

9)  E    Senior Coach Representative- Kevin Knox    (SE-BBSC)

10) E  Athlete Representative - Lydia Jacoby - Senior Rep   (SC-STSC)

11) O  Athlete Representative- Megan McLaughlin - Junior Rep   (CAS-NLSC)

12) A  Athlete At Large- Cassidy Welch    (NA-MSST)

13) O Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)- Maggie Rocheleau    (SC-KKF)

E = Even Years         O= Odd Years          A=Annually     

*No Term limit for Secretary and Treasurer (per USAS)

  • Coordinators & Chairs - ELECTED (2yr Terms, NO Term Limits)

O Technical Planning Coordinator- Patrick Garrity    (CAS-CAC)

E Sanction Coordinator- Susan Oakley    (CAS-NLSC)

O Membership Coordinator- Toni Dobson (CAS-CAC)

O Officials’ Coordinator- Cathy Foy    (SE-GSC)

O Legislative Coordinator- Joey Caterinicio    (CAS-AST)

O Times Chair - Patrick Burda    (NA-MSST)

O Adaptive Swimming Coordinator - Cristan McLain    (SC-STSC)

O Junior Coach Rep - Scott O'Brien    (CAS-AST)

Area Representatives - (Elected at the area level)

  • Area Vice Chairs/Non-Athlete At-Large House Members-  Ray Oakley CAS, Ashley Poulin SC, Lisa Gassman SE, Lea Hood NA

  • Area Athlete Reps/Athlete At-Large Members-  Micah Keen CA, Koda Poulin SC, Jamie Hedersdorf SE, Cadence Young NA



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