Why Join TMEC

Congratulations! You found us! By clicking the “Join TMEC” button, you’ve taken the first step to a great club for your child/children to be a part of. We believe that TMEC is, without question, the premier swim club in the Temecula Valley. 

Listed below are the Top Ten Reasons for joining our club:

  1. Fun – Study after study has proven that children that are having fun doing a sport will remain in the sport longer than those not having fun. At TMEC, we strive to make the club a fun place for kids of all levels, from beginner to junior Olympian, while training. Your child will meet new friends while learning all aspects of competitive swimming. In addition, the club has many extracurricular activities just for fun!
  2. Swim Technique – The TMEC coaching staff emphasize proper swimming technique before training to swim fast. This is a critical aspect of competitive swimming that is often overlooked by other coaches. Proper technique will allow the athlete to make the greatest accomplishments in the future and attain his/her goals.
  3. 15 different group levels – Most teams have between 4-7 levels, but TMEC offers 15 different swimming groups. This allows TMEC coaches to match individual swimmer abilities to the proper group. No one child ever falls into one category - many different levels are necessary because there are so many different types of children and so many different reasons to swim.
  4. Stroke Schools and High School – As indicated above, TMEC offers a stepping philosophy to learn the techniques needed for competitive swimming. TMEC is unique in providing our beginning athletes Stroke Schools that will teach your child the basics step by step. In addition, TMEC offers a high school training group dedicated to assisting high school athletes preparing for swim or water polo season.
  5. Talented and driven coaching staff – TMEC looks for coaches that have young enthusiastic personalities, the kind of individuals that can motivate and challenge your child, prevent boredom, and make workouts fun and exciting. In addition, our club employs two full time career coaches, something that no other team in our area does.
  6. Results – Our clubs recent performance at the Junior Olympics (12 place out of 45 teams and 4th in Eastern Section) and JO Max Championships (first place championship) was just one more indication that our swimming program produces top quality swimmers. Our unique swimming program and superior training techniques help retain athletes from start to finish producing a superior stroke, faster times, and podium finishes.
  7. Largest population of swimmers – TMEC is far and away the largest competitive swimming club in the Temecula/Murrieta area. More kids mean more athletes at your childs level within the team. More friends means more fun!
  8. Long Term Vision – TMEC has no intention on becoming just a normal, run of the mill swim team.  TMEC will always be looking for the next step. Currently, we have four Senior and Senior Development Group athletes close to Sectional Times and Junior National times. One of our long term goals is to produce a Senior National Champion.
  9. Private technique lessons with a coach – Many of our coaches offer half hour private lessons for any level swimmer on TMEC.
  10. Monthly home meets – TMEC offers a meet at our pool every month. These home meets are unsanctioned and designed for swimmers to learn the ins and outs competitive swimming in a non-stressful, fun environment. Times earned at the home meet serve as qualifying times for group advancement.