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Senior Groups

SENIOR PREP- Coach Aaron/ Coach Katie

Mon./Tues./Thurs.7:00- 8:00pm Fri. 5:30-7:00p                          Performance Pool

Our Pre- Senior group focuses on stroke mechanics, pacing, and race readiness. Athletes here have opted out of our competitive focus and more on technique and general endurance.  Swimmers will not be expected to swim swim meets. Group is for ages 12,13,14,15. Grades (7,8,9,10).


Pre-Senior- Coach Aaron/ Coach Katie

M/ T/Th:5:45-8:00pm/Fr 5:30-7:00pm       AM:Wed./ Fri.  5:30-7:00a       Sat. 9:00-12:00p

For High School aged swimmers (13 years old and older- 9,10,11,12 grade) who gearing up and getting ready for the commitments of the Senior practices and who also would like to supplement their training for high school swimming. Includes a dry land program. Local USA Swimming meets are expected. Team Travel meets are by selection only, swimmers then must adhere to Senior requirements.


Parent Commitment: 16 hours per year (4 hours per quarter)


Senior- Coach Aaron/ Coach Katie

M/ T/Th: 5:45-8:00p/ Fr 5:30-7:00pm      AM: Wed/ Fri 5:30-7:00a             Sat. 9:00-12:00p

This is a year round group for High School age swimmers 14 – 18 years old (grades 9-12) who want an intensive training program.  Good technique is a prerequisite with an emphasis on training toward top High School level as well as College preparation. Athletes are expected to hold 90% attendance at practice/dryland and all group meets throughout the year as well as take on leadership roles within the team.


Parent Commitment: 16 hours per year (4 hours per quarter)