Swim Meet Information

Events, Age Groups, & Event rules:

Event Order:

  • Freestyle Relay
  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly
  • Medley Relay (Back, Breast, Fly, Free)

Age Groups:

6/under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18. A swimmer’s age group is determined by age as of June 15, 2015.
  • Swimmers age 6 and under swim only 25 Freestyle and 25 Back stroke, and a 4x25 freestyle relay
  • Swimmers age 8 and under swim 25-yard events, and 2 relays
  • Swimmers age 9 and older swim 50-yard events, and 2 relays

Event Rules:

  • Entries are based on the coaches’ discretion to enhance the swimmer’s experience, secure the swimmer’s qualification for the championship meet, and maximize team points.
  • 6/under swim only in 3 events: freestyle relay, freestyle, and backstroke.
  • Boys swim first in each age group.
  • Swimmers may be entered in up to 2 individual events and 2 relays with a maximum of 4 events total, or a combination equating to 4 total events
  • A swimmer may swim up one age group, but must swim in that older age group for all their individual events for that one meet.
  • To be eligible for an event in the championship meet, swimmers must compete in 2 dual meets without disqualification.
  • Swimmers are responsible for their own transportation to and from the meet.
Addresses of League Pools
Peninsula Covenant Aquatics Dolphins- PCC
  • Sequoia High School • 1201 Brewster Avenue • Redwood City • 94092 • (650) 367-9780
Menlo Mavericks- MM
  • Burgess Park Pools • 501 Laurel Street • Menlo Park • 94025 • (650) 328-SWIM
Ladera Dolphins- LAD
  • Ladera Recreation District • 150 Andeta Way • Portola Valley • 94028 • (650) 854-3242
Woodside High School
  • 199 Churchill Avenue • Parkway • Redwood City • 94062 • (650) 367-9750
Covington Critters- COV
  • Mountain View High •3535 Truman Ave. • Mt. View • 94040 • (650) 940-4600
Redwood City Sharks-RWC
  • Herkner Pool • 1315 Madison Ave. • Redwood City • 94061 •  
Bay Club Panthers- PSR
  • Pacific Athletic Club • 200 Redwood Shores Pkwy • Redwood City • 94065 • (650) 593-4900

San Mateo Aquatic Center

  • College of San Mateo • 1700 Hillsdale Blvd • San Mateo • 94402

Meet Check list: 

  • Racing swimsuit- Should be worn to the met if the meet is within an hour of home
  • Practice suit/ back up suit- just in case
  • Water
  • Goggles- 2 pair (both race ready)
  • Swim caps- 2 (if desired)
  • Towels- 2 or more
  • Sweat suit/Parka or something to keep warm (yes, even in the summer months)
  • Water
  • Glasses case- for those swimmers that wear glasses
  • Snacks- High protein
  • Flip-Flops/Slippers- keep the feet warm and easy on/off during warm up and events
  • Chairs/blankets- Usually 1 per family member
  • Water
  • Books/cards/entertainment (parents too)
  • Pens(sharpie) for marking hands and writing in the program
  • Highlighter to highlight events in the program
  • Money
Swim Meet Days: 
What Happens on Meet Day
  •  Swimmers arrive at the pool, find the designated area for the Mavericks, and check in.
  •  Swimmers have their event, heat, lane assignments and relay position written on their arm. 


  1. #63 MR 1/3 Bk means: Event #63, Boys 7-8, 100 yard Medley Relay Heat 1, Lane 3 and the boy is swimming backstroke.
  2. #6 FR 2/5 4th means: Event #6, Girls 9-10, 200 yard Free Relay Heat 2, Lane 5, the girl is the last leg and will be starting at the other end of the pool.
  3. #17 Fr 4/8 means: Event #17, Boys 15-18, 50 yard Freestyle, the boy will swim in Heat 4, Lane 8.

Meet Expectations

  • Volunteer parents report to the parent volunteer coordinator and then report to their station before the meet starts or before the breaststroke events start at the shift change.
  • Coaches’ scratch meeting: If your swimmer hasn’t checked in and you haven’t called to say that you are on your way, the child will be scratched.
  • ALL swimmers are expected to show up to their heat and lane on their own (an opportunity to learn responsibility!).
  • After completing their event, swimmers report to the coach for race feedback.
  • Between events, swimmers should rest, stay dry and warm. They should stay out of the sun for long periods and drink water or other liquids, AND CHEER THEIR HEAD OFF FOR TEAMMATES!!
  • If a swimmer needs to leave before their last event, the coach needs to be notified immediately, however, all swimmers are expected to stay through the duration of the swim meet to cheer. (Younger swimmers may leave after the backstroke event)
  • Parents volunteering for the second half of the meet need to stay to the end of the meet, regardless of when their swimmers finish.
  • Ribbons can be picked up at the following practice from their coach, please do not bother the ribbon writers for your swimmers individual ribbons. Coaches are notified of disqualifications so they can explain the issues to the swimmer.
  • Once the meet is over we would like to do a team cheer and thank you, please do not leave yet. When you and your swimmers leave, please clean up after yourselves and say goodbye and thank your coach.
Suggestions for Parents
  • Swimmers are not required to compete in every swim meet, but are encouraged to participate in more than one swim meet for the experience. 
  • Make sure you feed your swimmers so they can perform their best. Liquids, complex carbohydrates, and fruit are better than hamburgers and cheese. Don’t feed a swimmer within 30 minutes of their event.
  • Encourage your children to watch and cheer others. This gives your child a chance to think about others, gain more interest in the meet and give support to their teammates.
  • Focus on the child’s performance rather than how well they placed — winning is important, but only their performance is within their control.
  • For children who do not like to compete, have them focus on comparing their current performance to past swims and think about how they have improved.