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2018 Summer Quarter Team Activity Schedule
2018 WBSL Meet Schedule*        indicate schedule change
·         Friday, June 15- 3:15pm            Menlo v. Covington & Burlingame @ COV
·         Thursday, June 21- 3:15pm            Menlo v. PCC @ BURGESS
·         Thursday, June 28- 3:15pm            Menlo v. RWC @ RWC
·         Thursday, July 5- 3:15pm               Menlo v. BCRS & Burlingame @ BCRS
·         Thursday, July 12-3:15pm               Menlo v. Ladera @ BURGESS
·         Saturday, July 21-8:30am            **League Championships @ COLLEGE of SAN MATEO                                (**MUST HAVE PARTICIPATED IN 2 SWIM MEETS)
BONUS MEET: Saturday/ Sunday August 4-5    Fred Siegrest Summer League Invite;                                                                                                     Pleasant Hill, Ca.
 Meet Times:
     Weekday meets begin at 4:00 p.m. with warm-up beginning at 3:30 p.m. Meets usually last 2.5 - 3.5 hours, depending on size of the teams. Saturday Championship Meet begin at 10:15 a.m. with warm-up beginning at 8:45 a.m. Usually last 4 to 6 hours, depending on size of the teams. Meets are optional, but highly encouraged! PLEASE BE ON TIME. If you cannot be on time, please inform a coach or family to relay the message to the coach.
Team Events*:
  • Tuesday, June 12th- Team outing: A's Baseball Game
  • Wednesday, June 27- Team Photo/ Pot luck/ Team meet and Greet
  • Wednesday, July 4 - NO PRACTICE
  • Wednesday, July 18- Pep Rally/ Spirit Day 5:00pm ALL GROUPS
  • Monday, July 30- Annual Raging Waters trip
  • Saturday, July 21- Team awards/Pot Luck @ 5:00pm/ Burgess Pool
  • Sat/ Sun, Aug 4-5- BONUS Meet in Pleasant Hill,Ca.
Tuesdays: Tattoo Tuesday!! Come to practice, get a team tattoo
Wednesdays: Relay Wednesday!! Come to practice for some fun team relays, Practice starts at 5:30-6:30pm ALL LEVELS!!
Thursdays: Tootsie-pop Thursday!! Come to practice, get an Tootsie-Pop
 2018 Weekly Meet Themes      indicates schedule change
Thursday, June 14: Menlo v. Covington & Burlingame @ COV: TEAM SPIRIT: Wear team colors, team apparel, anything team related
Thursday, June 21: Menlo v. PCC @ HOME: HAWAIIAN: Wear your best hula skirt and flower shirt
Thursday, June 28: Menlo v. RWC @ RWC: CRAZY HAT: Wear your craziest, zaniest hat
Thursday, July 5:    Menlo v. BCRS & Burlingame @ BCRS: RED, WHITE, and BLUE
Thursday, July 12:  Menlo v. Ladera @ HOME: NEON: Be as bright as possible
Saturday, July 21:   League Championships @ COLLEGE of SAN MATEO: TEAM SPIRIT: Wear team colors, team apparel, anything team related  
* Team events and meets can change without information placed on this page. Please refer to events posted on the main page for updates