Parent Volunteer Expectations


Summer Parent Volunteer Expectations



Swim meets are truly family events! It’s poolside glamping at it’s finest. During the course of a meet, there is often downtime that makes reading, playing a game or running around with newly made friends a perfect opportunity!


Swim meets are very reliant on volunteers and are the most successful with family involvement. There are numerous duties that are necessary to ensure our swimmers have a great experience. Unlike other sports where parents are spectators 100% of the time, swim meets require and benefit from parent involvement 100% of the time. Think of it as active spectating!


Please, plan to work at 3-4 meets. We only ask for a session per meet, which is only half a meet, switching off at the break between the backstroke and breaststroke events. We participate in approximately 8 meets through the summer season, 3 home meets, 3 away meets, 1 relay meet and our team hosts the Championship meet at the end of the season at the College of San Mateo.


In order for all of these meets to run smoothly, we are asking parents for commitment:


  1. Volunteer a minimum 3 dual meets.
  2. Volunteer at the relay and championship meets if you have qualifiers. Families are required minimum 1 session during the relay OR the Championship meet




Job Signs up will be available to sign up at the same time that meets are posted to commit to. Here is an example of where to look for the job sign up button:

Jobs Include:

Set up/Takedown, timers, Stroke and Turn Judges, Announcer, Colorado announcing machine and Computers.

*Training will be provided!




We want to foster a sense of community amongst our families. High-fives, encouraging words, let's cheer each other on and demonstrate good sportsmanship!