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Q: How long is the season?
A: Our 2018 season will be from June 4- August 5th, 2018
Q: How do I get started?
A: Early Team placement/ evaluation and registration: Will be held on Saturday, April 14th, 10:00am-11:00am and every Wednesday at 6:30pm

Extended Summer Team evaluations: Will be held each Wednesday at 6:30pm

Q: How do I register my child for Menlo Mavericks?
A: You may print the registration form (Found here), complete it, and bring it with you to the evaluation. Joining the team will not be guaranteed, but an evaluation is mandatory prior to beginning.
Q: My swimmer wants to continue swimming with Menlo after the summer season, how can we register?
A:GREAT!! We encourage athletes to continue to swim as much as possible. Our USA team, Menlo Aquatics, is a positive step towards that commitment. Our USA team begins August 20 after a short break. During that week, bring your athlete to a team evaluation on any Wednesday at 6:30p for an evaluation with Coach Melissa so we may place them in the correct group.
Q: Why Menlo Mavericks?
A: The Menlo Mavericks is a year round swim team which aims to create a swimming community that is extremely positive about being in and around the water. We emphasize learning sound techniques through our committed and competent coaches in a pleasant and positive environment. With a team segmented into groups to meet the needs of swimmers of all ability levels, the Menlo Mavericks receive the best quality of coaching, instruction, and fun. Our team follows a pattern of one swim meet, one offsite fun event (bowling, laser tag, movies) and one onsite event from stroke clinics to mini meets while offering fun things after such as ornament decorating or candy meets. 
Q: What is the swim meet policy?
A:  Swim meets are not forced, but very highly encouraged. Swim meets are an important factor into the sport of swimming. we ask that you make it a point that you attend all of our home swim meets and one away swim meet. Set aside time for the Championships swim meet on Saturday, July 21 as well. We cannot have a true swim team if swimmers do not attend the competition side of our sport. 
Q: How do I enter a swim meet?
A: An email notification will be sent out by the team website, once received, you will need to log in to our team site and commit your swimmer(s) to the event posted.
What should we bring to swim meets? 
  • Racing swimsuit- Should be worn to the met if the meet is within an hour of home
  • Practice suit/ back up suit- just in case
  • Water
  • Goggles- 2 pair (both race ready)
  • Swim caps- 2 (if desired)
  • Towels- 2 or more
  • Sweat suit/Parka or something to keep warm (yes, even in the summer months)
  • Water
  • Glasses case- for those swimmers that wear glasses
  • Snacks- High protein
  • Flip-Flops/Slippers- keep the feet warm and easy on/off during warm up and events
  • Chairs/blankets- Usually 1 per family member
  • Water
  • Books/cards/entertainment (parents too)
  • Pens(sharpie) for marking hands and writing in the program
  • Highlighter to highlight events in the program
  • Money
You are going to be late?
  • Call the designated number to let the coaches know you are still coming and when you will arrive. If you are volunteering, tell us what your job assignment is. Remember, what you do affects others and could even hold up the entire meet.** If you know well in advance, please put as much information in the comments box as possible upon meet registration. 
You need to leave early?
  • Let the coaches know so they can scratch your child from their remaining events and relays. We expect a child who causes a relay to be scratched to apologize to the other swimmers (with the help of a parent if necessary). You can also notify the coaches in writing or by email ahead of time. ** If you know well in advance, please put as much information in the comments box as possible upon meet registration.
Your child misses an event?
  • Kids will be kids. Still, we expect the child to apologize to the coaches and to other relay members if they were on a relay (again, with parental assistance if necessary).
A swimmer leaves or doesn’t show up?
  • Children who leave early or don’t show up two times are excluded from relays at the next meet and might be entered in fewer events. This is not meant as punishment, rather, it is to be fair to other swimmers on the team who weren’t selected to swim the strokes or on relays your child was entered in. The coaches may have been relying on your swimmer to get points, gain experience, or get a legal time for the championship meet.
Remember, swim meets are team competitions — everyone counts!