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Welcome to the ZAP Lessons, JG Prep, Adult Swimming and Swim Squad Registration Page.

Online registration is a simple process for both new & returning families.When you register for the first time:

• You’ll get your own private account to view/edit your contact information and class histories.

• To add classes after your initial registration, simply come back, and our system remembers you.

The schedule and cost for weekend lessons,Winter Pre-competitive Academy, Jr. Guard Prep, Jr. Guard Prep Plus and Adult Swim Class can be found through the program tabs found at the bottom of the page. To register for Winter Pre-competitive Academy, please use the Swim Squad tab.

• A brief description of each station follows.

NOTE: Many of you will find that your child is in between two stations. In order to get the strongest foundation possible, please start your child off in the lower station. To see a description of the stations, click on the Stations 1-4 Tab and Stations 5-8 Tab below.

ZAP also offers private swim lessons. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANY PRIVATE SWIM LESSONS UNTIL YOU HAVE TALKED TO JEFF FIRST. Call or email me to work on a private swim lesson schedule.

• Classes with only 1 swimmer registered may be cancelled.

If you see a station class not showing on the list and you want to sign up, call me at the number below.

• If you use an iPad to sign up for lessons and don't see all of the class options, please contact us. 

To register for Miraleste, Pen High or South End Winter Pre-competitive Academy, JG Prep,  Prep Plus Adult Swim Class or Weekend Lessons, please follow the directions below.

To Register:

1. Start with the "Location Filter" at the top of this page to choose your pool.

2. Leave "Time Offered" and "Days Offered" as 'ALL'.

3. Scroll to the bottom of this page, click on the program you want.

4. Make sure you select the station/location you want on the Blue Bar

5. Click on Class Cost/Days/Times to register (only register on one time slot).

6. Select "Add Student" on the pop up page. Follow the prompts.

7. If you get stuck, call (310) 377-3241 or email