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Registration available soon for summer classes!

Look for registration to open on or about

April 27!

The summer sessions will be taught:

June 1st through June 11 (Mon. thru Thrs. for two weeks)
June 6 through July 25th (Saturday mornings for eight weeks)
June 15 through June 25 (Mon. thru Thrs. for two weeks)
July 6 thru July 16 (Mon. thru Thrs. for two weeks)
July 20 thru July 30 (Mon. thru Thrs. for two weeks)
Lifegurd Re-Certification Class is still open for registration!

When you register, we will send you the link to the American Red Cross Blended Learning, on-line class.  Then you must attend a hands-on, in water, and out of water training session at the JFFC.  That class is offered at one of the following times:  April 25th, May 2nd, or May 16th.  Classes are currently scheduled from 1-5pm but the time is subject to slight change.  Your on line blended learning should be completed prior to coming in for your water session.

The cost of ths class is $110 plus $27 for the ARC Blended Learning Class. 
Register by clicking on the Lifeguard Training Bar below.  You will be sent the link to the Blended Learning portion of the class offered by the American Red Cross to get started!

To register for swim lessons:  Click on the Swim Lessons Program bar below.  Then select the appropriate tab to select age group.  By selecting the filter button, you may select a class day/team.    We do not accept payment on-line.  After you are registered and have been assigned a time, you may send in a check or come in and pay at the front desk.  Payment is due before the first class.