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SwimMAC Junior Swim League

Click the Junior Swim League (JSL) link below for registraion and other information


SwimMAC Teen Fit


Click on Teen Fit at the bottom of the page for registration and class information

SwimMAC at Moss Creek Swim Lessons

SwimMAC offers many programs. For more detailed information on any of our programs, please visit www.swimmaccarolina.org. 

Please select the program you would like to register for from the location filter above. If interested in registering for public swim lessons, please click here.


Moss Creek swim lesson are for Moss Creek residents only.  If you have any questions on registration, please email Julia Warnken, jwarnken@swimmaccarolina.org.  Please ensure you complete all registration information (including your address) for HOA verification purposes.

We are happy to help swimmers of any age learn to swim, become better swimmers and create a fun, rewarding relationship with swimming and water.