Mycah Ellis
Hi Friends and Family,

I have been a swimmer for 10 years and I often get asked how can you swim back and forth, endlessly in a pool staring a the black line at the bottom of the pool? Truth is, I really don't have a great answer.

What I can tell you is that I am learning life skills and having fun while swimming. Swimming has been a great activity for me, in gaining great friendships, a strong healthy body and learning discipline. I am VERY proud of my accomplishments! In the end, I know that swimming is making me a better person. More capable. More confident. More everything. I can't imagine not swimming for my team. I have great team mates and love training and racing with them!

All said, the reason you're reading this is my swim team is running their annual fundraising event (Swim-A-Thon) to raise critical money that will be used to benefit all of our team. We will swim for 2 hours or 200 laps which ever comes first!

Donating is really simple. Just click the green "Please Donate" button above my picture and fill-in the information. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Pledges may be a flat donation or amount per lap. Thank you for supporting me!