2018 Registration

Dina Luptak
Registration/Membership Chairman
2125 Darah Street

Idaho Falls ID 83402
Home (208) 525-2047 




Athletes who swim for a club MUST register through the club.

ONLY unattached athletes should use the forms below.

ALL 2018 registrations expire December 31, 2018.

2018 Snake River Swimming Athlete and Non-Athlete

Registrations are $70 each.

There is NO grace period for expired coaching credentials.


DECK PASS TO BE PHASED OUT  After introduction of the new & improved USA Swimming website, the DECK PASS app for smart phones and other mobile devices will be phased out.  Instead, the Deck Pass Dashboard on the website will provide everything the old app contained.

2018 REGISTRATION FEES - 2019 Athlete Registrations, $70; 2019 Non-Athlete (Coach, Official, Other) Registrations, $70. Registrations sent without payment or with the wrong amount will be returned without being processed.

Athlete Membership Cards - USA Swimming now offers an online digital card. The online card will provide athletes with easy accessibility if they need a copy of their card at any time. Athlete members will receive instructions to access their card for the new season, if an email is provided at time of registration. See Registration Procedures for more information; instructions are in the Athlete section.

Non-Athlete Membership Cards - membership cards will no longer be printed & mailed to any non-athlete registering in Snake River Swimming – coach, official, or other. Instructions are available below. 

Safe Sport at USA Swimming continues to evolve. The newly designed USA Swimming website has a page full of best practices to help clubs integrate the policies of Safe Sport into their team. Please visit:

Athlete Protection Changes - Effective September 1, 2017, USA Swimming will launch LEARN, a new online learning management system!  LEARN stands for Leadership Education and Resource Network and will become the online education hub in the coming months.  Safe Sport is the first program to host its courses, and all APT requirements will be completed on LEARN.  APT is valid for up to 24-months; the expiration date will be in the form 12/31/YY. Instructions for accessing the course are on p.15 of the 2018 Registration Procedures, as well as on the Registration page of the SRS website.

Background Checks - On April 1, 2017, USA Swimming will transition from its current background check vendor to its new partner, IntelliCorp Records.  This should not have a significant effect on the process by which members complete their background checks.  The cost for all members the first time they complete a background check with Intellicorp is $38.  Subsequent renewal checks are $18.   Complete instructions can be found on p. 15 the 2018 Registration Procedures, and on the Snake River website.



Athletes - Must register through their club.  Only unattached athletes should use the forms provided below.  All new athletes must provide a copy of their birth certificate or passport as proof of date of birth.




Others (Non-Coaches, Non-Officials, i.e Meet Directors, Chaperones, etc)

  • 2019 Other Non-Athlete Application, including checklist for registration



If any club or coach information changes,
please notify your LSC Registration Chairman immediately