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SwimAmerica Learn-to-Swim Lessons: SwimAmerica’s learn-to-swim program offers a goal-driven, technique-oriented approach to teaching children ages 4 and older everything from basic water safety skills to the proper stroke mechanics for competitive swimming. Children are kept in small groups, and each swimmer advances independently and immediately upon achieving the advancement goals of their current station. 

In SwimAmerica station 7, swimmers build endurance in all four strokes – butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle – and learn the competitive and racing skills necessary for swim team. Competition is available to swimmers in stations 6 and 7.   

Skills and Advancement Goals for SwimAmerica Stations 1-7: Learn-to-swim classes for school-age swimmers ages 4 and older are offered in seven swim stations that teach safety, fitness, health, and fun. Each station emphasizes proper techniques, with attention given to correct body position, movement of arms and legs, breathing, and timing of the strokes. 


​Teaches beginning swimmers proper breath control and overall water comfortability through blowing bubbles, bobs, going underwater, and water exploration.


Participants learn how to float, streamline, and glide on their front and back. Blowing bubbles, bobs, and breath control are practiced further, and the key safety skill of rolling over from front to back is introduced.


Flutter/freestyle kicking skills are taught, and swimmers learn how to kick in a streamline on their front and back while maintaining their breath control.


Swimmers learn how to correctly position the head/body in the water and to breathe bilaterally through side-glide drills. The arms are added during freestyle’s introduction through various drills focusing on proper form/technique and bilateral breathing.


Basic freestyle skills are further practiced and refined, with participants aiming to swim longer distances of freestyle with strong stroke mechanics and consistent bilateral breathing.


Swimmers continue to polish their freestyle and focus on a smooth, rhythmic backstroke through swims of longer distance and frequency. Competition is available through SwimTulsa’s “Go for the Gold” swim meets held every 8-week session of lessons to offer SwimAmerica station 6 and 7 swimmers the opportunity to learn about competing in USA Swimming competitions and to experience racing in a fun environment.


Equipped with a solid foundation, swimmers are ready to learn butterfly and breaststroke through a series of drills that teach the dolphin kick and arm technique of the butterfly stroke and the correct kick, pull, and timing (pull-breathe-kick-glide) for breaststroke. A racing dive is taught through the safe sitting-kneeling-standing-dive progression, and swimmers learn how to perform a freestyle flip turn and an open turn for butterfly and breaststroke. Upon mastering station 7, participants may advance to year-round, competitive swimming by joining SwimTulsa's White Team for beginner/novice swimmers. Learn more here or at www.swimtulsa.org.








SwimTulsa White Team: After successfully completing SwimAmerica’s station 7 objectives, your swimmer may advance to year-round, competitive swimming by joining SwimTulsa's White Team for novice swimmers. SwimTulsa registration forms and information can be found under the "Membership Info/Forms" section online at www.swimtulsa.org. Learn more about white team under the "Groups/Practice" tab located on the home page.

Go for the Gold Swim Meets: SwimAmerica swimmers in station" meets as an introduction to competitive swimming. Go for the Gold meets as 6 and 7 are encouraged to participate in our "Go for the Gold held once per SwimAmerica session and are intrasquad meets held at the Union pool on a regular practice night. The cost is $5 (cash or check made payable to SwimTulsa).

Facility: SwimAmerica's 8-week evening programs and June summer daytime lessons are held indoors at the Union Pool, 10100 East 61st Street, Tulsa, OK, 74133. The pool is located inside the Union 6th & 7th Grade Center on South 61st between Mingo and HWY 169. 

Contact: SwimAmerica program questions and information can be answered by e-mailing SwimAmerica Site Supervisor, Katie (Keller) Koch, at katiekeller@swimtulsa.org.

SwimAmerica Station 1-6 Details (8-week evening sessions): Choose to swim 1 or 2 lessons each week, Monday through Thursday.
  • Time: 40-minute lessons from 6:15-6:55 p.m. 
  • Facility: Union Pool inside the 6th & 7th Grade Center (10100 E. 61st St., Tulsa, OK)
  • Fees: Swim 1 lesson each week (8 lessons) for $115 (or $100 Union-district swimmers) OR Swim 2 lessons each week (16 lessons) for $230 (or $200 Union patrons) 
​SwimAmerica Station 7 Details (8-week evening sessions): Swim up to 4 lessons each week, Monday through Thursday, on a come-as-you-like basis.
  • Time: 40-minute lessons from 6:15-6:55 p.m. 
  • Facility: Union Pool inside the 6th & 7th Grade Center (10100 E. 61st St., Tulsa, OK)
  • Fees: Swim 8 weeks for a flat fee of $230 (non-Union district swimmers) or $200 (Union-district swimmers) 
Mail registration form with cash or check made payable to SwimAmerica to:
SwimAmerica Office
10026-A South Mingo, #129
Tulsa, OK
*All fees must be paid and forms complete before your swimmer(s) may swim.  Enrollment confirmations are sent out via e-mail.  
Session 1: August 28-October 19, 2017
Session 2: October 23-December 14, 2017
Session 3: January 8-March 1, 2018
Session 4: March 5-May 3, 2018
Session 5: May 7-June 28, 2018*

*NOTE: Session 5 facility location may change in May due to Union's pool closing for the summer for maintenance/upgrades. More information to come!

CLICK HERE for 2017-2018 evening SwimAmerica registration form!